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22 Weird Discoveries in Family Albums That Shed Light on Someone’s Crazy Past

Every person has to have photos that they would never show to anyone at all. At least, not for at least 10 years after they’re taken. But as time passes, these pictures make us laugh and remind us about the funniest situations of our lives: childhood, school time, the first days of our adult lives, and weird family vacations.

We at Bright Side have seen dozens of these photos and chose the best ones for you: they seemed stupid in the past, but now they just make us smile.

22. “I’m about 2 or 3 in this photo. We were at a family friend’s wedding. Apparently, my mom was having fun dancing and not paying attention to me. I bit her in the butt, legend has it that I drew blood.”

21. “My mom sent me this pic this morning. I think my coolness peaked at age 4.”

20. “Me back in 1991. Just your typical Australian kid having a drink and holding a baby crocodile!”

19. My mom was really into Star Trek, The Next Generation, and handmade our costumes. She made me wear mine to school because she “worked so hard on it.” I’m the borg.

18. “The cruel person who made my 7th grade yearbook decided to use this picture of me jumping rope.”

17. “My very first job: Spiderman for kids parties”

16. “My mom got her nose done 2 days before family photos. Sears told my mom there would be a fee if we rescheduled our family photos, so we decided to go anyways.”

15. “Don’t have to be a bio-dad to be a great father. Here’s a pic of me and the old man for 3rd grade.”

14. “The morning after finding out my mom was pregnant with my brother, 1982”

13. “My cousin got a glam shot in the early 80s when he was 5 years old. He picked out the outfit.”

12. “Bill Murray used to babysit my brother and I.”

11. “1996 high school yearbook photo”

10. “So my mom sent me one of my baby pictures...”

9. “During our annual family photo my dad declared himself the emperor...”

8. “My vest was homemade!”

7. My wife’s dad is 6’11″, here’s an old family photo of him making a horse look small."

6. “My brother ran out of vacation days to make it back home for Christmas. This did not stop us from taking our annual family photo.”

5. “My family photo album includes a piece of cake. It is now 34 years old.”

4. “My mother-in-law made my husband dance for many years.”

3. Their first family photo. It may also be their last.

2. “This 7-year-old photo of my boyfriend when he was a grungy teenager”

1. “I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

Bonus: These sons decided to make a calendar for their mother where they recreated their childhood photos.

And do you have any cool family photos? Share them in the comment section below.

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