24 People Who Took Things Too Far

We all know that movie makers employ a whole range of equipment, eye-catching costumes, and special effects when they shoot tricky scenes. Sometimes life gives us the unique chance of observing Hollywood inspired scenes in real life. Let’s have a look at some low-tech tricks, performed by amateurs, that look impressive enough to be part of an adventure movie.

Here at Bright Side we couldn’t find an explanation for the jaw-dropping behavior of the people in these shots. Can you?

1. What’s going on here?

2. When you can’t hide your love for cupcakes:

3. Li Wei, a gravity-defying artist from China, is ready for the shot.

4. “Don’t ask, just drive.”

5. How on Earth did this happen?

6. Bingo!

7. When you’re late to the party, so you’re trying to ketchup:

8. When you prefer the shadow of a tree to an air conditioner:

9. When you’ve been punished and were told to get out of the teacher’s sight:

10. Mission: Impossible 7

11. He didn’t want a boring subway shot.

12. The Halloween costume of a dedicated fan

13. The guy’s face says it all...

14. What does this road sign mean?

15. He beat the system!

16. Slay!

17. This is classic.

18. Trashcan planking champion

19. Maybe there was no other way.

20. Why not?

21. No limo? No problem! There’s always a forklift somewhere.

22. Who knew you could fit so many things on top of an ordinary sedan!

23. I have just one question, “Why?”

24. Meet Pancake Man!

Which of these pictures surprised you most? Have you ever seen people behaving this weird? Feel free to share your thoughts and photos in the comments below!

Preview photo credit SquintyMcSkitter / Imgur
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