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24 Photos Showing That Building Legos Goes Far Beyond Child’s Play

The Danish brand, “Lego,” is actually an abbreviation of 2 words, “leg godt,” meaning play well. But given the adult fascination with Legos, it’s hardly just for play anymore. In fact, some Redditors prove that Legos aren’t just for children, but for talented adults as well. Think life-size cars and giant but anatomically correct hearts.

We at Bright Side are fascinated with Legos too. And we salute the sheer talent and thought behind these creations.

1. “I gave my wife Lego flowers for her birthday.”

2. “A giant anatomically correct heart made of Legos”

3. “Our Star Wars-themed Lego wedding card box, made by my Lego-obsessed husband”

4. “This Lego bonsai set uses small pink frogs to portray cherry blossoms.”

5. “An artist in France partnered with local school children to donate used Legos and fill in damaged areas of precious city buildings.”

6. “Stained glass made out of Legos”

7. “The Mona Lisa, built with Legos”

8. “A boba drink made of Legos”

9. “A giraffe built entirely out of Legos at my local mall”

10. “Bob Ross dangle earrings”

11. “I made a circle out of Lego bricks.”

12. “One of my local Starbucks stores has a Lego version of itself on display.”

13. “We used Legos to plan our new patio.”

14. “I made a functional clock out of Legos.”

15. “A curved Lego helix”

16. “My husband’s Lego art”

17. “A life-sized Lego Chevy Silverado my dad saw at the GM center”

18. “Someone on my campus filled an empty sidewalk spot with a Lego replacement.”

19. “Found this functional mailbox built 100% out of Legos.”

20. “An Easter Island head made of Legos”

21. “Giant Lego sunflowers”

22. “My hotel puts the currency exchange rates in Legos, with a Lego-person holding the flag of the country.”

23. “My barber shop has a Lego version of their shop by the front desk.”

“Why Lego minifigures always have great hair days.”

24. The old German man made out of Lego bricks wears sandals and socks with a toe hole.

Which amazing Lego creation have you seen or made? Inspire the inner child in everyone and share your Lego stories with us.

Preview photo credit sysmimas/reddit
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