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24 True Geniuses Who Deserve to Be Elon Musk’s Advisors

It’s not just Elon Musk and his team that can create something unbelievably great. Some people who live among us have a futuristic approach to life too. Whether it’s because of laziness or the desire to save money, their solutions made our jaws hit the floor.

Bright Side encourages any and all out-of-the-box thinking and is eager to share 24 solutions with you that the characters of our article came up with. Spoiler: Perpetuum Mobile already exists.

1. This guy at the coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand.

2. Perpetuum Mobile exists.

3. Parallel parking is not an uphill task anymore.

4. Even bananas are more than just a food item in the hands of geniuses.

5. For those who love cookies with milk:

6. This is how the news is made now.

7. There is no need for this truck driver to go to the movie theater at all.

8. Laziness is the mother of progress.

9. When your parents want you to ride a bike but you feel too lazy to do it:

10. No free seats on the bus? Not a problem!

11. Adjustable phone and tablet holder

12. This guy knows everything about balance.

13. When you suddenly got bored at church:

14. When you love sleeping more than anything else:

15. Why waste your precious time on public transport? Take a nap without fearing you’ll miss your stop.

16. When you’re tired of the AirPods dropping out of your ears:

17. “Boyfriend forgot his razor at home.”

18. When you want them to mix:

19. The classic van with a window unit AC — for those who are tired of the heat

20. “I’m remodeling kitchen and the valve for the ice maker line won’t shut off completely and drips enough to make a mess. I came up with this zero maintenance hack.”

21. When you are not the mother but need to feed the baby:

22. When you believe your fish needs walking too:

23. Smart chicks are welcome on Elon Musk’s team too.

24. “Found a use for the holes in my crocs!”

Which of these hacks did you find most useful? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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