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23 People Who Are Always Ready to Capture Nature’s Stunts With Their Cameras

Almost everyone has had the experience of seeing something so bizarre, but having no time or chance to take a picture of it. Yet some people seem to always have their phones at the ready and their eyes wide open to notice everything — from letters in the sky to smiling insects.

We at Bright Side collected proof that these people exist and stay vigilant in their duty to deliver wonders to us. So let’s appreciate their efforts together.

1. “I found a piece of driftwood that looks like a dragon’s head.”

2. Purple toad

3. “This spider web is under construction.”

4. “This duck has a perfect cartoon dog face for a beak.”

5. “Strong winds in Salt Lake this week...”

6. “Today I learned about a new way to enjoy poblanos!”

7. “2 butterflies next to one another look like a reflection.”

8. “The refraction in my glass looks like the Ghost Rider.”

9. “A giant water drop on my miniature rose this morning”

10. “This plant’s roots match the pattern of the container they’re growing in.”

11. A true heart of stone

12. “I found a tree that grew through this tire.”

13. “This is 2 eggs in a pan, each egg had 2 yolks in it, what are the odds?”

14. “The way this fly got stuck on the trap”

15. “The sun was VERY bright red this morning.”

16. Let’s listen to some vinyl records.

17. This wall is watching you with the eye of a tiger.

18. “A white mantis having a sit on my oilseed sunflowers”

19. “My Venus flytrap caught a wasp!”

20. “A whole other world I found in a bottle lying in the woods”

21. “Split skies: daytime in the front, sunset in the back”

22. “A one day difference in Fort Collins, Colorado”

23. “What a start to the week!”

Have you ever stumbled upon something so strange that no one would believe was real if you didn’t take a photo? Share your stories and photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit MarliePwns / reddit