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25+ Photos That Can Bamboozle Everyone, Even You

Sometimes our eyes can deceive us and see something in ordinary objects that isn’t there, like in these 25+ photos below. But we know for sure that our readers are very attentive and nothing can be hidden from their vigilant gaze. However, when looking at the bonus photo, you’ll have to look twice to realize that it’s not an illusion.

At Bright Side, we looked attentively at all the photos. And we found the trick in all of them — well, almost all of them.

This frozen puddle looks like a landscape from the perspective of a plane.

“It looks like my coworker’s tattoo is petting the kitten.”

These soap mushrooms appear when you put clear soap into a bottle that still has some silvery soap inside.

“My cream cheese made the on/off symbol on its cover.”

“The way my coffee spilled this morning looks like a duck.”

These hanging gloves in London look like Sherlock Holmes.

“My cat has a cat in his markings.”

This leaf looks like a mouse.

This frozen spider web looks like knitting.

It’s hard to tell whether it’s the sky or snow.

The light reflected off these candleholders looks like flames.

“My coffee this morning looks like a portal to the abyss.”

“There’s a hill near our house that looks like it has eyes.”

“My shaving cream looks like a penguin.”

“My cactus grew some little arms and now looks like he’s contemplating what’s beyond the window, hoping to escape someday.”

“My band aid is the same exact color as my skin tone.”

“My lamp shadow looks like Mike from Monsters, Inc.

“This Tide I spilled looks like an electric guitar.”

“My friend took a picture of his dog and its ear kind of looks like another dog.”

“My coffee cream looks like a depressing face.”

This garlic bread is sad too.

This is how the embers of a dying fire look.

The boiling water pushed the peas into a star.

“My dad just told me he had a polar bear in his grill. He had my interest.”

“My pear has a tree design on it.”

This lettuce leaf looks like a cute little green lizard.

“This design on my hardwood floor looks like a smiling caterpillar.”

“I found this pumpkin that looks like a tiny swan.”

Bonus: Yes, this is a black-and-white costume.

Did you find all the tricks in these photos? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit cookieraid / reddit
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