20 Genius Product Designs We Want to See More Of

3 years ago

mug with a built-in coaster or a school desk that transforms into a safety shelter during earthquakes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple object or something more complex. Design always matters and it greatly impacts our quality of life. However, truly incredible designs are still a little bit hard to find.

Bright Side put together a list of ingenious product designs that will leave you in awe.

1. The perfect design for a package of hazelnuts

2. The Pillowdy hoodie has an inflatable hood so you can sleep anywhere.

3. “The drain is right under the soap dispenser so it doesn’t stain the sink.”

4. A school desk that turns into a safety shelter during disasters like earthquakes

5. The Leaf band-aid gradually changes colors to indicate to the wearer that it’s time to replace it.

6. “This mug that doesn’t need a coaster”

7. A magnetic cookie dunker that will prevent you from dropping any part of your cookie into the bottom of the glass.

8. 3 markers in one. Less clutter and easy to switch.

9. A reusable, easily washable Q-tip that helps reduce waste

10. A water bottle with a daily pill organizer, so you can take your meds wherever you are

11. A simple design-upgrade to staircase handrails that allows elders to take a break while climbing multiple floors

12. Say no to your phone’s flashlight if you get to the cinema late. The row and seat number in this movie ticket are see-through.

13. Turn your dog’s dreaded bath time into treat time with this slow feeder. It’ll make sure they stay put until you’re done.

14. A walking stick that offers more than just support. It turns into a stool when you need it.

15. The crown on this umbrella collects all the water when you stand it upside-down.

16. No more looking for a random place to hang your dishcloth with this multipurpose product.

17. A shower head holder that will simplify the task of bathing kids

18. The OilAddin allows you to easily pour oil onto your dishes in a small, controlled stream and prevents any dripping.

19. The Shader serves as a pillow and a sun-shade. It even comes with a drink-holder, solar charger, and adjustable fan.

20. The Lunch on the Go takes advantage of your ride’s cupholders so you can snack while you’re stuck in traffic.

Which of these products would help make your life easier? Do you own any wonderfully designed products? Tell your friends in the comment section and let’s have a chat!


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