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26 Recreated Childhood Photos That Are Way Cooler Than the Originals

Photos are a good way to get nostalgic and remember good and pleasant moments. Moreover, a printed photo can last for more than 100 years with proper storage. Even a century later, family albums will still house warm memories. And it’s so great when some people don’t just leaf through albums and remember how great it was in the old days. They actually put forth the effort to recreate photographs. And sometimes these reproductions are even better than the originals.

Bright Side wants to share with you some vivid examples of the fact that happy moments are worth redoing over and over again.

1. “1984 and 2013 — 29 years later, my brothers and I recreated our family vacation photo at the Texas State Capitol”

2. 37 years difference. Both sailor costumes were made by mom.

3. Over the years, they swapped positions.

4. Time goes by, but the fun is forever.

5. Cleaning the car since 1999.

6. The same baby face

7. Once a musician, always a musician.

8. Good Halloween memories should be repeated.

9. “Love for bread. Still going strong since ’89.”

10. “There’s nothing like cousins, 29 years later.”

11. Pasta lover

12. Family means sharing food.

13. “Kindergarten to senior year”

14. The feedings continue...

15. “Spot the difference!”

16. Still mom’s little girl

17. “Because I have a brother I will always have a friend.”

18. “Same pic, 30 years apart.”

19. This photo recreation on birthday cakes is adorable!

20. There are 2 guys in the right photo, it’s just that the younger one grew considerably.

21. Only the drinks have changed.

22. Playing with dad is always fun.

23. When your brother grows to be taller than you:

24. Time has passed, the emotions are the same.

25. Dad’s shoulders are one of the coziest places.

26. Cousins are a treasure.

Bonus: Dogs also like to recreate their childhood photos.

Which of these remakes did you like the most? Do you have any recreated photos? Tell and show us in the comments.

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