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27 Genius Inventions That Should Already Exist Everywhere

Inventions pop up every day on Kickstarter and all over the world, and some of these inventions are true lifesavers. An automatic pizza machine or a portable egg boiler — take your pick!

Bright Side has selected for you a list of inventions from all corners of the world to show how complicated things can be done easily and for pure amusement. What do you think of that singing shower?

Fresh pizza automat

Choose, pay, and bake in under 2.5 minutes, and voilà! Fresh pizza!

Staircase slide

For the park or a home — fun everywhere! Why walk if you can slide?

Built-in sink

Keep your hygiene routine all in one place with this device.

Bin ring

A way to encourage the fight for cleaner streets!

Untangleable earpods

No frustration over tangled wires anymore!

Chips lifter

Don't scratch out chips from the box anymore — use this hefty little gadget.

Hot/cold charging station

Charging your phone from a hot coffee or a can of cola? Easy.

Cinema toilet stall

Don't lose any time watching that movie you paid for just because you had a double cola.

Color copying pen

Pick a color with one side, and draw with the other.

Input extension cord

Take the vacuum into the next room without the hassle.

Anti-drip cup

Catch every drop with a simple solution.

Self-cleaning hairbrush

Get rid of hair in one move.

Easy egg boiler

A couple of minutes and breakfast is on the table!

Shower speaker

Jam on even under the shower.

Swiss Army Knife phone case

Always on you and very handy.

Magnetic beauty tool holder

Never lose your tweezers again.

Hair iron holder

Stop being a fire hazard with this simple solution.

Bathtub glass holder

Wanna relax in the shower or bathtub with a nice drink after a long day? We've got something for you!

Popcorn bowl with a kernel strainer

None of those pesky little things in your teeth anymore.


With an exact pointer to where you left off.

Nail polish holder

Easy, breezy, beautiful nails.

Ironing board mirror

An ergonomic solution for everyone.

Finger meter

If you can put your finger on it, you can measure it.

Bottle humidifier

Make a better environment for yourself with this simple machine and a water bottle.

Nursing rocking chair

Rock away with a lullaby and finally get some rest.

Heel helpers

A little strategically placed steel and the fairer half of humanity will be greatly relieved.

Door pull

Don't get your hands dirty ever again.


And here is a little kitchen tip for lovers of an easy life that you can implement right away. Sharpen all of your kitchen spatulas for easy and effective use. Never ruin a pancake again!

Which of these heaven-sent things would you like to have in your home? Please share with us — your opinion really matters.

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