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30+ Photos Only ’90s Kids Understand

Feeding the Tamagotchi, collecting Lip Smackers and Pogs, recording playlists on CDs, wearing the T-shirt from your favorite music band, and making braided bracelets — ’90s kids, we’re all adults today. And looking at modern children, we often forget that our childhood was completely different, but no less fun and fascinating.

So, from time to time it’s pleasant to recall the things that created the magic of our ’90s childhood.

Here at Bright Side we love warm childhood memories, so we’ve gathered 30+ things from the 1990s so you can dive into the sweet nostalgia. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. Legend said that the blue part could erase ink.

2. Kids today will never understand the struggle of having to hit a button 3 times just to get one letter.

3. Pencils with cartridges: You lose one of these — you`re screwed.

4. It was a thing to write your a’s and y’s like that!

5. Taking the ball out of the computer mouse

6. This stand wakes up such a warm feeling of nostalgia!

7. In the ’90s Trix had shapes!

8. This is how dads used to choose music to listen to on the road.

9. I kept all of my Lip Smacker lip gloss flavors in a plastic caboodle and whipped that box out like a pro to reapply after every lunch period.

10. Back in the day, these cups were super cool!

11. Solitaire card backs in Windows 95

12. Making these things

13. These McDonalds Potato Heads took me back to my childhood.

14. The most ’90s thing ever

15. Cobain hair, check. Band shirt, check. Velvet shirt, check. Iconic Pepsi logo, check.

16. Abandoned McDonald’s on a remote Alaskan island

17. Any Pogs lovers out there?

18. Playing Polly Pocket

19. Windbreakers! I remember scanning JC Penny catalogs for these things.

20. This is what swag looked like in the ’90s.

21. We were all quite crafty.

22. “I peaked in the late ’90s.”

23. People look at me like I’m crazy when I ask about these.

24. A pair of these bad boys

25. Remember these?

26. Playing this in Sears, while my parents shopped

27. Bashing ankles on a Skip-It

28. The fidget spinner of my childhood

29. You didn’t have to enter your personal info online to win a soda

30. Sticking these to your earlobes

31. Finishing all the rings seemed like a huge accomplishment!

32. A Tamagotchi could replace a pet.

33. If you were born after the ’90s, you probably won’t understand the struggle.

34. Bubble Beeper: the cool way to store your gum in the ’90s

What other things remind you of your childhood? Share your favorite 90s things in the comment section below and see what others have to share.

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