9 Emergency Substitutes If You Run Out of Toilet Paper

Don’t panic. It’s a difficult moment that we all go through at some point in our lives, but we have no choice but to try and solve it. First of all, look around you. If there’s a banana or a corn plant nearby, you may as well have struck gold. Or perhaps there’s a soft-leaved plant — or if you’re really lucky, some fresh moss.

As global toilet paper production consumes 27,000 trees daily, here at Bright Side, we’re aware that there are other solutions available, whether it be for an emergency that catches you unexpectedly or part of a plan to save water and wood for the planet. If you read all the way down to the bonus section, you’ll discover useful tips that can start a little revolution in your life without toilet paper.

1. Soft and slightly damp moss

Moss is soft and absorbent. North American tribal people used moss for diapers, wound dressing, and menstrual fluid absorption. If you’re lucky enough to find moss near you, you can try it as it seems to be a promising experience when it comes to connecting with nature.

2. The powerful peel of a banana

A banana can become your best ally in a situation like this. Not only for its nutritional qualities but because it also has other uses that can be of great help. Its peel is soft and also biodegradable, and it can even be used to purify water. Feel free to use it if there’s no toilet paper around.

3. Stones completely rounded by erosion

If we’re in the countryside, especially near a river, we can look for rounded stones of medium sizes. We just have to make sure that the stone is completely smooth and flat. They’re pleasant to the touch, so they can be just as enjoyable for all parts of your body, including those that need special care.

4. Look for soft green leaves — not all are worth it though.

You’ll want to find leaves that aren’t crumbly or too soft. Even pine needles that are still on the branch can provide good service. On the other hand, the corn plant can be a treasure in a time of trouble. Its leaves are large and have adequate consistency. In addition, people on camping trips may use corn cobs as a method of personal cleansing.

5. Look in your bag or backpack — there may be something useful in there, like a packet of ketchup.

Rummage through your backpack and a piece of paper on which you wrote a note may appear, or perhaps a packet of ketchup or mayonnaise may be sitting in there. Note that this can lead you to make difficult decisions. Imagine that you have to “sacrifice” a business card — write down the phone number first and never flush it!

6. When the toilet paper runs out, a cardboard roll remains.

If you’ve found the roll bare without a trace of paper left, you can always make use of the cardboard roll. You can unroll it at one end, getting more surface area. In fact, you can even moisten it with water to make it softer. Furthermore, it can be used wisely for compost!

7. A piece of emergency cloth, which some people have adopted as a permanent, eco-friendly measure

There are some people who have adopted this system in a stable way but it requires some infrastructure: it’s necessary to have a special bucket in which to deposit the cloths after each use and to wash them very frequently to avoid bad odors. It could also be a solution in emergency situations. Cut an old shirt or sheet in little pieces and use it. Those old garments can be of great service.

8. Use a sponge as the Ancient Romans did.

The Ancient Romans used this method. They shared the sponge with their sauna mates and then rinsed it in water with salt or vinegar. In the twenty-first century, it’s still a valid method, although, care must be taken to wash the sponge very well after each use since it can accumulate a lot of bacteria.

9. Soap and water — the classic that never fails

Maybe it has caught you unexpectedly and you don’t have a peri bottle nearby, or you need this tool to clean the perineum area, especially while in the postpartum stage. You can replace it with a spray bottle of water and a little soap. It’s a classic combo that never fails to give you a good cleaning.

Bonus: the classic bidet

The bidet is a piece of furniture in the bathroom, that for many people, is nothing more than an extra water source next to the sink, while for others, it’s an important part of daily life. Its most practical and modern version of this is the hand shower, which allows you to spray yourself with water while still sitting comfortably on the toilet. This refreshing solution may make you start a new way of life, turning toilet paper into a thing of the past.

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a toilet-related emergency? Have you used any of these alternatives to toilet paper?

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