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9 Things That Actually Have Hidden Purposes

Some everyday things are not as predictable as we think. It even turns out that a big toe has a totally different name. Let’s discover unexpected things together, so you can surprise your friends with your knowledge later.

1. The big toe has a different name.

We used to call the first digit on our foot the big toe. However, the correct name for it is hallux. The main purpose of the hallux is to keep balance while standing. Without this toe, it would be much more difficult.

2. The pom-pom on your beanie is not for decoration.

You’re mistaken if you think that the pom-pom that sits atop a hat is just a cute accessory. In fact, sailors were the first ones who started using it. Because of the low ceilings on ships and the big waves, sailors stitched pom-poms to their hats to prevent bumping their heads.

3. Coffee stirring sticks have holes for different reasons.

There are 3 reasons why coffee stirring sticks have holes:

  • It helps to stir sugar more effectively.
  • The holes prevent sticks from bending while stirring.
  • Less plastic is used during production.

4. The right coffee lid should have a hole.

Each time you take a sip from a paper coffee cup, the pressure inside it drops. As a result, the air starts to push the lid. The hole on the lid allows the air to go through it, and your coffee can come out from the main hole smoothly.

5. Escalators have a brush, but it’s not to clean your shoes.

The escalator brush is not for cleaning stuff. It’s there for your safety, so you don’t get too close to the edge of the escalator. It helps to prevent your clothes from catching in between the steps.

6. Notebooks have red margins to protect your notes.

Notebook margins have an old history. Originally, they appeared to protect the notes. A long time ago, when there were many rats in people’s houses, they liked to eat paper. So each time the rats ate margins, the notes stayed safe.

7. The microwave has a black grate for your safety.

This black grate is called a faraday shield. It contains electromagnetic energy inside the oven. Also, it protects you from radiation and speeds up the heating process.

8. It’s okay that plane windows have a hole in them.

This tiny hole in plane windows is not dangerous, so there’s no need to worry. It’s there to balance air pressure because the window has 3 layers. The hole itself is in the middle and is needed during take-off and landing to avoid fogging.

9. Nutella bottles have a hidden knife.

Just grab a jar of Nutella to see if this is true or not. Every jar of this product has a hidden knife inside the lid, so you can cut the gold foil cover.

Which point was the most surprising to you? Do you want to buy some Nutella just to check if it has a secret knife?

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