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A Japanese Mom Creates Cardboard Cutouts of Herself So Her Child Won’t Cry When She’s Away

Moms of little kids can feel torn between wanting to be there for their kids 24/7 and also needing to run around to take care of other things, like going to a meeting where kids aren’t welcome. A Japanese family came up with a unique solution to this dilemma so that their one-year-old toddler would not cry every time his mother needed to be somewhere else. They experimented with 2 life-sized cardboard cutouts of the mom and the trick totally worked!

Bright Side takes a peek at this ingenious idea that allowed this mother to be in 2 places at one time.

Cardboard cutouts can give moms time off.

Nezi Seto posted on Twitter about how their family uses life-sized cardboard cutouts of his wife whenever she needs to be away from the room where the kid is. Usually, life-sized cutouts are used for celebrities at events, but now even a normal household can benefit from using them.

The Seto family created these big dummies using the services of Links, and called them “Big Mommy.” They made a standing version and a sitting version of Mrs. Seto. For the trick to work, she places the cardboard facing the little boy and quickly runs out of his sight so that he will not see 2 moms in the room.

Moms and kids deserve to be happy.

As long as he does not touch the cardboard, this idea works wonders. A happy kid makes a happy mother, who can even enjoy her “me time” or hang out with adults for a little bit. This way, she can feel refreshed and the child can feel the good vibes from a mother who isn’t stressed.

What other things can you do to be there for your kids, yet still have time for yourself? Share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to tag any mothers you know who need some time off!

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