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If a Random Girl Starts Acting Like Your Friend in Public, Play Along. Here’s Why

Contrary to popular belief, talking to strangers is actually good for your health, according to experts. However, while it’s up to the individual person whether they wish to talk to strangers or not, if a woman approaches you and pretends to know you, you shouldn’t take this lightly.

There might be an urgent reason for her behavior. We at Bright Side would like to talk about this with our readers.

Why unknown women might act like they know you

If a lady you don’t know approaches you, strikes up a conversation, and acts like she’s your friend, she could be in trouble. She might be being followed or threatened. Her approaching you could be a cry for help. According to the WHO, 1 in 3 women are victims of violence and abuse.

Here’s why you should play along

In order to assess the situation better, keep talking to the woman and have a look around. Watch out for people or things that seem odd. Also, if she’s in trouble, she might also be sweating, breathing fast, and showing other signs of panic.

Thousands of women have shared similar experiences.

Try this trick to discreetly ask if someone is in trouble.

It should be noted that in rare cases, someone might genuinely mistake you for their friend or even approach you for other reasons. To better assess the situation, when the stranger starts talking to you, you can casually say something like, “Let me show you my new dog,” or “Remember this photo of us?” and pull your phone out without alerting anybody who might be watching. Type, “Are you in trouble?” and show it to the woman. If she says yes, discreetly call for help.

If you were faced with a similar situation, what would you do? Have you ever turned to a stranger for help?