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People Share 15+ Annoying Things That Put Them Over the Edge, and We Totally Get It

Pieces of paper that mess up your freshly cleaned jeans, holes instead of bread, or simply shameless people, there are so many ways to go nuts! That’s why sometimes we need someone to hug us and say, “You’re not alone.”

Bright Side found 19 people who diffused their anger with humor.

1. I got this whole grain bread... More like hole grain.

2. My wife wonders why the vacuum hasn’t been working.

3. Forgetting to remove paper from your pocket before doing the laundry.

4. Flight attendant? I need some honey for my tea, please.

5. You can tell the character of people by how they treat service industry employees.

6. My roommate left my cast iron pan to “soak” for 3 consecutive days while I was out of town.

7. Being a school janitor sucks.

8. How my 22-year-old sister opens ice cream packets

9. The way the eggs were put in the fridge...

10. A caretaker stole my grandpa’s old Rolex before he died. I was supposed to have it...

11. Stood during the entire concert, nobody else was standing. Picked a fight with someone who asked her to sit down.

12. The space my wife gives me to sleep on our queen size bed.

13. My plants weren’t watered and the person I paid to do that said, “I didn’t think you cared if they died, they’re just plants.”

14. Take a wild guess as to what’s not under this sign.

15. The first and second ones did not have any tea inside, and the third one didn’t even have the bag.

16. They put ice in my milk.

17. Reporters need to stop with this.

18. This tiny gap, where my wedding ring now lives.

19. I ordered an eyeshadow palette online and this is what arrived. Completely unusable.

What’s the most annoying thing you’ve ever experienced? What did you do to resolve it?

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