People Share Pics of Their Gardens in Bloom, and We Can Almost Sense That Magical Scent

A garden in bloom is a feast for our eyes and noses, and even though photographs can’t transmit odors, the pictures people share on the r/gardening Reddit thread are so breathtaking, we can almost feel what it’s like to walk through these amazing gardens and breathe in the lovely fragrances of the fresh blossoms.

If we at Bright Side could actually smell all the gorgeous flowers and trees from these 17 pics, we’re sure it would instantly make our heads spin. Now it’s your turn to see these gardens in bloom and dive into the sea of colorful petals.

1. “It may have been 1 month late due to the cold weather, but my clematis fence is in full bloom now!”

2. “I’ve been waiting for this moment the whole year.”

3. “Salvia plants always look great this time of year.”

4. “Azaleas gone wild!”

5. “First blooms in my first-ever garden! So exciting!”

6. “Our crabapple tree is in full bloom.”

7. “My mom’s azalea”

8. “She’s so majestic! I hate to trim her.”

9. “My favorite pot of tulips this year!”

10. “My boy taking in all the wonderful smells of spring.”

11. “5 minutes in the garden before going to work can make all the difference.”

12. “I thought my grandparents’ huge rhododendron peaked last week, but I was wrong.”

13. “My alliums bloomed, and I will definitely be buying more. Anyone I see drive by can’t help but stare. They’re gorgeous.”

14. “Can my 85-year-old great-grandfather’s garden get some love? He does this entirely on his own!”

15. “Loved how the light was hitting just right on this little section of my yard. Springtime is the best time!”

16. “This little purple rhododendron is such a stunner this spring.”

17. “No leaves for me!”

Do you like gardening? Is your garden in full bloom already? Let’s share the pictures of our blooming flowers and trees in the comments!

Preview photo credit Gimli2808/Reddit, Gimli2808/Reddit
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