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Reddit Users Shared Foolish Questions That Made Their Brain Freeze (We Bet They Can Daze You Too)

We used to believe that children are the only source of unusual and out-of-the-box questions. But it turns out that some adults can compete with them in this art. A Reddit user once asked: “What was the stupidest thing someone has asked you 100% seriously?” And he got numerous replies with real-life examples.

Bright Side is sure that sometimes we all say and do things without thinking first and the people on our list have nothing to be ashamed of. All in all, they’ve managed to stand out among millions of stories, so at least it was worth something!

  • My boss once asked me to make the pages of the document smaller. She actually had them zoomed in to 200% and thought that the font was 46. @fluffykittenears
  • A conversation with my husband:

— Honey, I’m at the store but they have only pots for corn.

— What do you mean?

— Well, there’s corn boiling in the pot shown on the box, but I don’t see any with the pictures of pasta.

—​ ​​​​​​Don’t come home. @Silent-G

  • When we were having lunch, my colleague asked me: “When a person loses their thumb and the forefinger, does their ring finger become their middle finger?” I’m afraid to imagine how this idea crossed his mind and what else is going on inside his head.
  • It was my first day working a tech support job. I answered a phone call from a woman whose laptop wouldn’t turn on. She was at the airport trying to get some work done and was very frustrated because she had been working for several hours and the laptop suddenly shut off. I asked her if she had the laptop plugged in when it shut off, or if she was just running it on the battery. “It can be plugged in? I thought it was supposed to be wireless.” @DextrosKnight

  • The insurance company asked if there was a chance that my dad’s amputated leg would grow back. @Whatendings

  • My nephew asked me how do we know that dinosaurs were actually called dinosaurs.
  • Because I am a dwarf, I get a lot of hilarious questions, but one of my favorites was: “Do you need to get a smaller engine for your car?” I really wish I could have seen the internal process that led you to that question, lady. @[deleted]

  • In high school, we were warming up before a baseball game. It was in the evening and some really ominous, dark clouds started rolling in. One of my teammates very seriously asked: “Is that a storm or is that just night coming?” I will never forget that. @leezus34

  • I have an identical twin brother and one time a girl asked me if we get each other confused. @captaingelsino

  • We’re discussing cardinal directions in my driver’s ed class. The instructor asked a girl in the front row what direction her house was from here. She pointed out the window. He asked: “So, West?” She responded with: “Well, it’s my East because I’m facing you.” @Baltusrol

  • My niece once asked her parents whether the people who have a problem with pronouncing the letter “r” have an inner voice that can’t do it too.
  • I work at the IT help desk. A girl once asked me: “Do you guys have any of those wireless internet cables?” Blank stare ensued while I waited for her to understand the request. Then I said it’s already plugged in. @kotobaaa

  • What should I do if a woman says to me: “Listen to a woman, but do the opposite”?
  • I’m a postpartum nurse. Once a patient asked me after she gave birth: When will the doctor be here to pierce my nipples so I can breastfeed?" @MaleficentWatercress

  • A safari guide in South Africa said that he once heard a woman ask her husband: “Honey, is that the same moon we see in Texas?” @pirate_12

  • I’ve been working at an Apple store for about 7 years. And I particularly remember the customer who asked me if her iPod would get heavier as she puts more music on it.@FizzyBeverage

Have you ever been asked foolish questions like these? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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