The World Went Crazy, and People Managed to Photograph It

We live in a crazy world where the chances of becoming a movie star are higher than the possibility of winning the lottery. And we never stop being surprised at the madness around us.

How often do we think that the world went wrong? Every day we hear about crazy events, discoveries, and news from different spheres. And every time, it seems that there can't possibly be anything more weird than what we're looking at.

Bright Side found photos which prove that our life is full of funny madness.

1. Shoes can be used as a weapon.

2. Apparently the hand is on the gas pedal.

3. Finally, a permanent way to wear headphones.

4. A carrot bath

5. Are those for sale too?

6. Good luck getting up there...

7. A happy punishment

8. "The adults went crazy trying to get photos of all us grandkids. I couldn't resist snapping a photo for myself."

9. "See this is a smart, crazy ex-, she didn't break anything but just made it super annoying to get inside the car."

10. Only horizontal

11. When all the bowls in the house are dirty except this one:

12. Everyone needs a little break.

13. A forest with amenities

14. A green driver

15. Car family

16. Shopping just got a whole lot better.

17. This man knows how to pack a picnic.

18. Having a sample is the only way to know what you're buying.

19. Be careful, hail the size of tennis balls is expected.

20. An unusual zoo exhibit

21. Hair needs to be dried too.

22. A claw machine for adults

Which of these photos show the world's craziness the best? Tell us in the comments.

Preview photo credit VectorIverson / imgur, Hyy1 / reddit
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