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13 Things That We Find Uncommon in Real Life but Totally Normal On-Screen

While many of us enjoy the escape that movies and TV shows provide us from our regular lives, many things we see on-screen don’t really make sense. Whether it’s waking up with perfect makeup and hair or having a neat and tidy house with 4 children, there are many hilarious instances we see that make us say, “That would never happen in real life.”

Bright Side found 13 examples of things that we regularly see on-screen but are quite rare to see in real life.

1. Adult friends hanging out regularly.

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2. Everybody has baguettes when shopping.


3. When your water breaks IRL, it basically just means you’re currently in labor. When your water breaks on TV, it means the baby is actively being born.

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4. Characters take their glasses off and they’re suddenly beautiful.


5. Sleeping on your back and looking gorgeous when you wake up.

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6. Hanging up without saying goodbye.

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7. Being able to get the same exact spot all the time for you and your friends at a popular location.

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8. Ladies always have perfectly shaved pits and legs, even in some historical dramas, apocalyptic dramas, or when characters have been out in the wilderness for a bit.

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9. Living with 4 other people and it being a blast.

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10. Having a bunch of kids and a spotless house.

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11. Just walking into someone else’s house or apartment uninvited and unannounced.

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12. No one walks in the middle of the hall causing the whole room to stare and clear a path. The popular group does not walk in formation.


13. Massive breakfasts, but everyone just grabs a slice of toast and runs out the door.

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Is there any example that comes to your mind of things that are very common in movies and TV shows but impossible to find in real life? Share it with us in the comments.

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