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14 Hidden Movies on Netflix With Strong and Inspiring Female Characters

If you’re tired of watching movies where men are the center of attention and you’re the sort of person that doesn’t listen to Netflix’s recommendations, then this article is for you. It’s time for you to delve into the platform’s depths and come across some great stories that you probably haven’t seen or even heard of.

Bright Side brings you a list of movies with very inspiring female leads that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Tallulah

Lu (Ellen Page) is a girl who lives in her car, leading an austere life. By sheer chance, she runs into a desperate mother who hires her to take care of her baby, and, after a few hours, decides to run away with the girl. Now she will have to take care of the baby and, on the way, solve some of her issues from the past.

2. Someone Great

Jenny has to move to San Francisco for work, leading her to break up with her partner of 9 years. A few days before leaving New York, she decides to embark on the last night of adventures with her best friends and say goodbye to the city in a great way.

3. Gerald’s Game

A couple decided to break their routine for a few days and leaves for their house in the wilderness. Gerald, seeking to put some fire back into their relationship, decides to start a game of tying Jessie to their bed. He then has a heart attack and dies, leaving his wife handcuffed in a house in the middle of nowhere. Jessie begins a fight against her fateful reality, but also against ghosts from her past. This is an excellent movie based on the Stephen King novel.

4. Hairspray

Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) and her best friend go to “The Corny Collins Show,” a program in which handsome young men (including Zac Efron) participate in a dance contest. Despite not meeting the contest’s physical requirements, Tracy remains a participant and becomes a star. She takes advantage of her new fame and uses it to fight against discrimination.

5. 3 Generations

The film tells the story of Ray’s family, who is embarking on his gender transition. His mother will have to find his biological father to ask him to sign the legal consent form. Meanwhile, Ray’s grandmother will have to understand that soon, her granddaughter will be her grandson.

6. Otherhood

On Mother’s Day, 3 friends feel abandoned by their sons. They set out on a mission to go to downtown New York City and show up at their children’s homes without giving them any prior notice. The adventure becomes an inner journey in which they reflect on their links with others and with themselves.

7. To the Bone

A young woman with an eating disorder is admitted to a center and begins an unconventional treatment. Once there, she creates ties with other patients who also suffer from similar disorders. With them, she will be forced to follow the rules in a place that is nothing like a hospital.

8. Freedom Writers

Gruwell, a young teacher, begins teaching English at an institute in Long Beach. After feeling the rejection of her students, who live in gang-infested slums, she finds a way to earn their respect and trust. She embarks on a problematic journey that aims to help them in their stressful daily life.

9. Dumplin’

Willowdean, a Texan whose mother (Jennifer Aniston) is a former beauty queen, is auditioning for the next beauty contest. This young woman knows that she does not meet the perfect beauty standards that the competition imposes on its participants, but registers nonetheless as a form of protest toward the system. Dumplin (nicknamed by her cruel mother) does not know that her example will incentivize hundreds of young people to break down beauty stereotypes.

10. Nappily Ever After

Violet has it all: a perfect relationship, an ideal job, and perfect hair. But then there’s trouble with her partner. Amid the hurricane, this over-demanding and controlling publicist decides to undertake a journey of self-knowledge with a radical change to her hair as a starting point.

11. Step Sisters

Putting her dream of studying law at Harvard in jeopardy, a young woman of African-American descent and the leader of a black sisterhood agrees to help a group of girls succeed in a dance competition.

12. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

Sierra, the smartest young woman in her high school, teams up with the most popular student to attract the boy she likes. A message sent by mistake starts a virtual romantic relationship between Sierra (who is quite unpopular) and the most attractive boy in the school. The catch is that he thinks he is talking to one of the leading cheerleaders at the school.

13. The Bounty Hunter

Milo (Gerard Butler), a bounty hunter who has seen better days, gets his dream job when he’s assigned to search for journalist Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston), his ex-wife. He tries to catch her for money after she skipped out on her probation. She’s in search of a clue related to a murder. Deep into the story, the issues of their past love relationship start to reappear.

14. Miss Congeniality

A rough FBI agent (Sandra Bullock) will have to change her ways to appear in the Miss USA pageant and have the opportunity to catch a terrorist who threatens to attack the participants. A great classic, it’s the ideal film to watch over and over again.

Are there any other movies that you think could complete this list? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section!