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14+ Supporting Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

Almost every movie has supporting characters. They are necessary to make the story more interesting and help viewers understand the nature of the main characters. However, some supporting characters happen to be so cool that they even outshine the main ones and, in our opinion, deserve their own movie or series.

Samwise Gamgee — The Lord of the Rings

Despite the fact that the protagonist of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is undoubtedly Frodo Baggins, many viewers noted that he would have never gotten that far without his loyal gardener, Sam. It was actually Sam who saved Middle-Earth. He was kind, loyal, and brave. And he could always find the right words to support Frodo in his struggles.

Alice Cullen — The Twilight Saga

The Twilight Saga story revolves around the romance between an ordinary girl, Bella, and a vampire, Edward. But the movie also has cool supporting characters, like Edward’s sister — Alice Cullen. It was much more interesting to watch Alice’s character development than that of Bella. Alice revealed herself as an open and unpredictable persona who could also see the future.

Finnick Odair — The Hunger Games

Unlike other popular movie series, all of the characters in The Hunger Games are great. And the second movie introduced us to the handsome Finnick Odair, who was a very interesting person. He was so popular among the powerful people of the Capitol that could have become powerful himself, but he preferred to remain loyal to his girlfriend even though she was sick.

Finnick often pretended to be a superficial playboy who had everything handed to them. But in reality, he was not like that.

Rocket and Groot — Guardians of the Galaxy

We know from the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie that the genetically modified raccoon Rocket and the sentient tree-like creature Groot have known each other for a long time. Their collaboration has been proven by many shady deals. In the movie, Rocket mentioned interesting episodes from their past: escaping from a lab, becoming criminals, and imprisonment and further release. Surely, it would have been a fascinating story to watch on the big screen.

Pintel and Ragetti — Pirates of the Caribbean

Many people who watched the Pirates of the Caribbean film series remember a colorful duo of pirates, Pintel and Ragetti. They were quite clueless but funny and loyal to the Pirata Codex. This is why we believe that a series revolving around these 2 pirates would have been cool to watch.

Gunther — Friends

Apart from the 6 main heroes, there were other interesting characters in the series Friends. One of them was barista Gunther, who was unrequitedly in love with Rachel for 10 seasons. But his life was no less curious than that of the main characters.

In the series, he was described as an actor who used to appear in a TV series before but had to work in the café between his acting jobs. And we think that the series about his life, achievements, audition fails, feelings for Rachel, and adventures in the café could be quite cool.

Dr. Mann — Interstellar

In the movie Interstellar, Matt Damon played Dr. Mann, the scientist who was sent to a faraway planet to see whether it was suitable for humans. But it turned out that he wasn’t prepared for such a lonely life, so Mann decided to lure other people to this planet and then escape on their ship because the planet couldn’t sustain life. If moviemakers decide to make a flick about this not-so-perfect but realistic character, we would enjoy this seemingly fascinating drama.

Mozzie — White Collar

Mozzie is the best friend and assistant of the charming criminal Neal Caffrey. But he is an ingenious criminal himself. We are sure that he’s initiated many crazy schemes. It would have been great if a series was also made about him.

Draco Malfoy — Harry Potter

A story about the young wizard Harry Potter became crazily popular all over the world. Millions of people followed his adventures and watched him fight evil. But Harry wasn’t the only interesting character at Hogwarts.

It would have been nice to watch the same story from Draco Malfoy’s point of view, for example. We believe he could be a great protagonist. If so, we would learn more about the world of pure-blood wizards, about his motivation to join the evil powers and Lord Voldemort, and about his moral struggles that eventually helped him make the right choice. We believe this could add even more depth to the story.

Kaz, Jesper, Inej, Nina, and Matthias — Shadow and Bone

When the series makers started the pre-production of Shadow and Bone, they had to deal with a difficult task — to make a logical script out of 2 series of books. This is why the characters who didn’t know each other in the books became a team on screen: Alina and The Darkling are the characters of the book series Shadow and Bone, while Kaz, Jesper, Inej, Nina, and Matthias are the characters of the book series Six of Crows.

Their adventures were not supposed to distract the viewer’s attention from the main thing, Alina’s fight. But in reality, these characters stole the spotlight. So, we think that a series about their life and adventures could be really great — less teenage drama and more action.

Reepicheep — The Chronicles of Narnia

In the second and third movies of The Chronicles of Narnia series, many characters looked down on Reepicheep, the warrior and leader of the mice. And this continued until he showed his worth. This character is a true sword master, he earned the loyalty of his people, he is funny, always supports his friends, and doesn’t betray his ideals. It would be great to know more about him and his story.

Mazikeen — Lucifer

The role of Maze in the series Lucifer isn’t really a big role: this character is just Lucifer’s accomplice. But Mazikeen is so witty, sarcastic, and tough that she definitely deserves her own series.

Tracy McConnell — How I Met Your Mother

The main character Ted continued telling his children about how he had met their mother throughout all 9 seasons. And by taking the series name into account, this mother deserved some more attention. But she only appeared in one season, and the characters’ relationship was shown quite briefly. Perhaps, it would have been fair to make a series starring this character because she’s really cool: she’s a musician, a children’s books author, an artist, and just a funny person.

Anathema Device — Good Omens

The series Good Omens became very popular because it has cool main characters, but the supporting characters are no less impressive. Anathema Device, for example, is the descendant of a fortune-teller. Her whole life is dedicated to a single purpose — preventing Armageddon, and she uses her knowledge of things that will happen in the future to facilitate this. We are curious to know more about the life of this character before the events of the series and after them too, when she begins to live with her beloved.

Do you have any other favorite characters that you would want to watch a movie or series about?

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