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8 Curious Facts About Stranger Things That Reveal the Hidden Side of the Series

The production of Stranger Things 4 took years, and fans around the world began to count down the days until its premiere. And it finally happened: the Duffer brothers have once again shown off their incredible talent for science fiction. Monsters, haunted houses, secret clues and winks towards the most audacious looks. Nothing has been left out this time.

As loyal fans of the series, we at Bright Side ran to look for those signs that we know are always there, and we were not disappointed. Here we bring you the first winks, so you can sit back and savor them. There are no spoilers.

1. Eleven’s wardrobe

The contrast between the earthy colors of Eleven’s attire and the bright, light colors of her cruel classmates is striking. It is a visual representation of her attachment to the colors and fashions of Hawkins and her reluctance to blend in with the apparent brightness of California.

2. Eddie and a very famous hairstyle

Eddie’s hairstyle is inspired by the great heavy metal stars of the eighties, such as Bruce Dickinson and Ozzy Osbourne, although with a more casual and homemade style, because, of course, these characters are not rock stars.

The stylist of the series, Sarah Hindsgaul, is the creator and in charge of designing hairstyles that reflect the identity of the characters who wear them. Thus, she was responsible for Eleven’s shaved haircut, Will’s mushroom cut, Dustin’s curls and Nancy’s antigravity volume.

3. The Creel House wasn’t always haunted

It looks like the typical haunted house from the most stereotypical horror movie; however, on the real side of the world, the fictional Creel Manor is a Victorian home. And it’s not in an alternate dimension in Hawkins, but in Rome, Georgia.

Built in 1882, it was known as the Claremont House Bed and Breakfast until 2019, when it had to close its doors, much to the sadness of locals. However, at the time, everyone was unaware of the red carpet fate that awaited the mansion.

4. Vecna and the nightmares

A quick comparison is enough to find an indisputable similarity between the villain Vecna and Freddy Krueger, the monster that inhabited our nightmares in the eighties. In fact, the way in which both manage to trap and subdue their victims, diving into their minds, is suspiciously similar.

And the relationship between both creations is even stronger if we take into account that Robert Englund, the famous actor who gave life to Freddy from the first installment of the A Nightmare on Elm Street saga, is none other than the disturbed Victor Creel.

5. Will and a personal hero that speaks volumes

The series just shows Eleven presenting her personal hero in class. And we already see her walking proudly with her model in hand through the halls of the school. Next to her is Will, who seems to have already chosen his own hero, although we don’t see him introduced in public.

He is Alan Turing, a scientist considered the father of computing and the forerunner of modern computer science. However, his brilliant and promising career ended abruptly in 1952, when he was prosecuted for homosexuality. At Christmas 2013, Queen Elizabeth II issued an edict officially exonerating him from this injustice.

6. Eleven’s innocent squirrel

When Eleven finally enters the classroom and introduces Hopper as her personal hero, she shows the cabin where she used to live next to him and takes from this childish model a small squirrel whom she introduces as “Mr. Phoebe.” Her classmates mock her apparent innocence, and she laughs with them.

However, once again, Eleven is not all what she shows: the only squirrel she has interacted with is the one she killed in the second season, when, hungry and lost in the woods, she uses her powers to eat.

7. The hidden meaning behind the protagonists’ hairstyles

We know how important the hairstyle we wear as teenagers is. Of course, it defines us and in some way says who we are or who we want to be. And the characters in the series are not exempt from these personality statements.

Will’s well-known “bowl cut” is the same one we see since he was a kid in the first season. It is not difficult to relate his appearance to his attachment to childhood and his desire for everything to be as it was in those times. This is especially true for his relationship with Mike, who doesn’t seem to agree with his friend and shows every sign of wanting to move on with his life. His haircut, similar to Eddie’s, could give away his intention to go after this somewhat older man and take him as a role model.

Finally, Eleven’s frizzy and somewhat unkempt hair perfectly complements the insecurity and low self-esteem that grips this character now that she no longer has her superpowers.

8. Joyce and an impossible mission

When Joyce calls the number she was given to reach the person who can help her reunite with Hopper, when she dials, it plays the notes of the original Mission: Impossible theme song. To check it out, just watch the video.

Who is your favorite character in this new season? Who do you think will be Vecna’s next victim?

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