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Experts Chose the 10 Scariest Movies by Measuring Viewers’ Heart Rates

If you and your friends have been discussing which horror film is the scariest and couldn’t decide, we’ve got your answer. The platform BroadbandChoices did a study where the heart rate of viewers was measured while they were watching the highest-rated (on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Reddit) horror films.

So, if you like horror movies, we at Bright Side have prepared the top 10 movies that will make your heart race.

10th place: The Visit, 2015

  • IMDb score — 6.2
  • Heart rate: 79–100 bpm

15-year-old Becca and 13-year-old Tyler are going to their grandparents. They had never seen them before their mother had a conflict with them. The grandparents are happy to see their grandchildren, but they tell them not to leave their room after 9:30 PM. And soon, the kids will find out why.

9th: The Descent, 2005

  • IMDb score — 7.2
  • Heart rate: 79–122 bpm

A group of brave girls, who love an active lifestyle, go to the mountains and find a mysterious cave. They don’t know what’s inside, so they enter and the exit gets blocked by rocks. The girls try to find a way out, but they soon realize that they are not alone in the cave.

8th place: The Babadook, 2014

  • IMDb score — 6.8
  • Heart rate: 80–116 bpm

Amelia is a single mother of a 6-year-old boy named Sam. The boy was born on the day that her husband died and now he sees monsters everywhere. Once, he asks his mother to read him a book about the mysterious Babadook — a monster that will soon be more than a book character.

7th place: The Conjuring 2, 2016

  • IMDb score — 7.3
  • Heart rate: 80–120 bpm

This is a sequel to a very popular horror film. In the sequel, the Warrens are trying to help a single mother of 4 children that are haunted.

6th place: It Follows, 2014

  • IMDb score — 6.8
  • Heart rate: 81–93 bpm

After a series of weird dates with a guy from college, the main character, Jay, finds out that he put a curse on her that makes a strange creature follow her all the time. And this creature has only one goal — to murder her.

5th place: Paranormal Activity, 2007

  • IMDb score — 6.3
  • Heart rate: 82–127 bpm

A young couple (Katie and Micah) move into the suburbs. Their peaceful life is disturbed by strange noises around their house. Katie tells her husband that since the age of 8, she’s been followed by a strange entity. Micah decides to buy a video camera to figure out what’s happening in their house while they are asleep. And after that, the entity gets way more active.

4th place: Hereditary, 2018

  • IMDb score — 7.3
  • Heart rate: 83–109 bpm

After Annie Graham’s mother dies, terrible things start to happen to her family. But the family itself is not ideal and every day, we learn about the awful secrets they are hiding.

3rd place: The Conjuring, 2013

  • IMDb score — 7.5
  • Heart rate: 84–129 bpm

This is the first film about the Warren family who studies the paranormal. The film is based on a real event from their lives and it tells a story about a family of farmers terrorized by a demon.

2nd place: Insidious, 2010

  • IMDb score — 6.8
  • Heart rate: 85–133 bpm

After a series of strange events that happened to Josh and Renai in a new house, the worst thing happens — their 10-year-old son Dalton goes into a coma and doctors don’t know how to help him. When he comes back home, the terrible events keep happening. And soon, everyone realizes that the boy is connected to another world.

1st place: Sinister, 2012

  • IMDb score — 6.8
  • Heart rate: 86–131 bpm

A writer and his family are moving into a house where, a year before that, an entire family was murdered. He finds videos that are key to solving the mystery of the crime. But in the house, some strange things start to happen that put the writer’s life in danger.

The plots of the films from this list indicate that moving to new places is probably not a good idea. You can find the full list of films that took part in the study here.

What movies do you always watch with the lights on?

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