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What the Actors From the Iconic ’90s Show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Look Like Today

Today, very few people can recall at least one thing about the story of the fighting vampire students. But it’s hard to argue with the fact that Buffy is among the most important shows of its time. The characters were the role models for many teenagers in the ’90s. This is why it’s really interesting to see what the actors look like today.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what the stars of the popular vampire series look like 24 years after its premiere. And in the bonus section, we will show how the actress that portrayed Buffy in the movie has changed.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, 44 years old

Nicholas Brendon, 50 years old

Alyson Hannigan, 47 years old

David Boreanaz, 52 years old

Julie Benz, 49 years old

Charisma Carpenter, 51 years old

Mercedes McNab, 41 years old

Anthony Head, 67 years old

Eliza Dushku, 40 years old

Kristine Sutherland, 66 years old

Michelle Trachtenberg, 36 years old

Iyari Limón, 45 years old

James Marsters, 59 years old

Juliet Landau, 56 years old

Seth Green, 47 years old

Amber Benson, 44 years old

Danny Strong, 47 years old

Armin Shimerman, 72 years old

Emma Caulfield, 48 years old

Marc Blucas, 49 years old

Bonus: The series about the vampire slayer developed from the 1992 film where Kristy Swanson portrayed the main character

Which of these actors do you think looks even better now?

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