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10 Celebrities With Hearts Big Enough to Embrace the Whole World

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Love all these.... my heart goes out to the families of the late Chadwick Boseman and Robin Williams... two of my favourite actors... another of my favourite actors... An actor who gives selflessly many times over, without attaching his name to it or shouting from the roof tops for many years now would be the wonderful Keanu Reeves, not only has he suffered great loss in his life but he has turned that around and gave to many. Setting up a foundation in the name of his sister who had leukaemia and donating millions of pounds to cancer research and also to children's hospitals... taking huge pay cuts so those such as set designers who didn't get paid much could get paid more... but also helping out different people who has been lucky enough to cross his path when they have been in need of help or support... he truly is an angel. 😇 I do my bit to help others, but I would like to think that if I were in the position to donate huge amounts of money then I would do so generously ❤