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14 Celebrity Moms Share What They Actually Felt Postpartum

Postpartum depression is a long-term mental illness that many new mothers endure following childbirth. Few people are aware of this, yet moms suffer from it after giving birth. They are unable to tell others about their struggles with stress, worry, and anxiety. Doctors say that about 10% of new mothers fall into this trap.

Bright Side would like to talk about 14 famous moms who were strong enough to talk openly about their postpartum experiences.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, who shares her son and 4-year-old daughter, Stormi, with boyfriend Travis Scott, stated that postpartum has not been easy for her. This experience has been tougher for her with her recent birth than for her daughter, and it hasn’t been easy psychologically, physically, or spiritually.

Jenner didn’t want to just get back to life without addressing what she thinks about other parents going through it right now, as we may go online and assume things are a lot simpler for other people, which might put pressure on us. She said, “I didn’t think I’d make it to this workout today, but me being here and feeling better proves that you can do it.”

2. Adele


Adele said, she “lost a lot” of herself through pregnancy and parenthood. Adele, who had son Angelo in 2012, said, “There are absolutely some parts of me I’ll never get back.” It’s the freedom to do what you want, when you want. Going someplace without a priority. Adele’s “number one focus” since Angelo’s birth is “clearly” him.

She was obsessed with her child. She felt terribly inadequate. She remarked, “I felt like I’d made the worst decision of my life.” In addition, she occasionally misses her former personality, stating, “My friends, my interests, and the things I like doing without a kid are what make me who I am, and I didn’t have access to that for a while.” She felt a feeling of comfort after speaking with pals who shared her sentiments.

3. Angelina Jolie NEWS, NEWS

Angelina allegedly suffered from “severe mood swings” after giving birth to twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon. She also reportedly had trouble adjusting to the fact that the twins were diagnosed with colic, a common disease in which newborns cry excessively for no apparent reason.

Angelina frequently experienced depressive episodes. She attempted to maintain emotional control among her older children, but her mood swings have been detrimental to the entire family. She spent most of her time sleeping in bed because she was breastfeeding, she had little energy, and needed to remind herself to eat. She laughed at inappropriate times and teared at the drop of a hat.

4. Chrissy Teigen

TBSK / KCS PRESSE/EAST NEWS, © chrissyteigen / Instagram

Chrissy Teigen seems to have it all, she is a supermodel, a cookbook author, a mother, and the wife of singer/songwriter John Legend. She also has a great sense of humor. But the Lip Sync Battle host, who is 31 years old, recently said she has been dealing with a serious health problem. She recently wrote on Instagram, “I’ll just say it: I have postpartum depression.”

About returning to work after her daughter Luna was born in April 2016, she said, “I had changed from before. It hurt to get out of bed so I could get to set on time. My lower back hurt, and so did my shoulders and wrists. I didn’t feel hungry. I spent most days sitting in the same spot on the couch, and I rarely had the energy to go upstairs to bed. John would sleep with me on the couch for up to 4 nights in a row. There was a lot of spontaneous crying.”

5. Princess Diana

When Princess Diana freely expressed post-birth blues in an interview, it connected with millions of women because it wasn’t frequently spoken about at the time. Diana, Princess of Wales, had a hard time emotionally after the birth of Prince William because of her difficult pregnancy. As a result of her lack of self-confidence, she revealed, “You’d wake up in the morning feeling you didn’t want to get out of bed, you felt misunderstood, and just very, very low in yourself.”

Diana also talked about how she took care of herself when her mental health was bad saying that she was treated in different ways. She said, “I got a lot of help, but I knew that what I really needed was space and time to adjust to the many roles that had been given to me. I knew I could do it, but I needed people to be patient and give me space to do it.”

6. Jamie Chung

After Jamie Chung gave birth to her twins in December 2021, she stated that her crazy postpartum depression made her feel angry, anxious, and resentful. She was in the middle of it, thinking that being so upset and open with her family and friends during this time of change would encourage them to be more careful around her. They didn’t give her any advice she hadn’t asked for.

Chung explained her real postpartum depression experience, stating that it rocks your world after having kids. This change can cause worry, melancholy, anguish, and resentment — the entire gamut of emotions. You work on this by giving yourself time, being kind to yourself, and also being kind to your spouse.

7. Jessica Biel

PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS, © jessicabiel / Instagram

It was in April 2015 that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake had their first child together. When Silas was born, nanny Connie Simpson helped Biel and Timberlake get used to being new parents for the first year of their son’s life. After having a C-section, Biel remembers being exhausted, disillusioned, and shocked when she got home.

She remembers that Simpson held her hand and head as she sobbed and ached through postpartum. Throughout the year, Simpson stood by her side, encouraging her to breastfeed and making her laugh. The term, “hell nay dawg,” sums up Biel’s relationship with Simpson because she often used it when giving parenting advice to Biel.

8. Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon faced a lot of postpartum depression during her 2 pregnancies. She has 3 children and after each of her children, she had a different story. The first time, she had mild postpartum.

The second time, she had a very bad postpartum experience, and had to take a lot of medicine because she couldn’t think straight at all. With her last child, “I didn’t have any postpartum at all,” she told her friend.

When she finished breastfeeding, Witherspoon said she went through a “hormonal roller coaster.” She explained, “I was 23 when I had my first child, and no one told me that weaning a kid flushes your hormones,” she added. “I was the most depressed I’d ever been. And terrified.”

9. Behati Prinsloo

Dusty Rose, Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine’s first daughter, was born more than 2 years ago. After giving birth, Prinsloo had a little postpartum depression. She said, “It was difficult to get back into normal life.”

Things changed when she got pregnant with her second child, daughter Gio Grace. “After the second one, everything felt so much easier, and it was easier for me to work out... It was easier to breastfeed,” she said. Prinsloo feels lucky that after her pregnancies, she didn’t feel pressured to get back in shape.

10. Rachel Platten

After her daughter Sophie was born in September 2021, Rachel had a very hard time with her mental health. Platten said that, “after giving birth, there were long days that felt impossible and nights that felt like they would never end because my poor, scared body wouldn’t let me sleep.”

She used every possible tool, even ones she was afraid of before, and now she’s finally feeling joy, ease, power, and real hope again. It’s not even hope, it’s something bigger. It’s something you KNOW. “I know my strength, I am worth what I am, and I know who I am and love myself,” she said.

11. Nikki Bella

Nikki didn’t know that after 7 weeks, you sort of get over the baby blues and go in 1 of 2 different directions. She said, “You can choose to be healthy or depressed, and the path of depression can lead to a really dark, deep hole.” She started to feel like she didn’t matter and it just began to get worse. She said that when she was alone with her son Matteo, she felt lonely, unloved, and less and less important.

Nikki revealed she was jealous of her fiancé, Artem Chigvintsev, and his Dancing With the Stars pairing with Kaitlyn Bristowe. “It’s not about them,” she clarified. She doesn’t fear her partner going off, no way. It’s desiring what he gives her, like time together, Nikki explained. They said, “We need to seek treatment, so we don’t get back there.”

12. Shay Mitchell

The former Pretty Little Liars star was 6 months pregnant when she told the world that she and Matte Babel were going to have their first child. She thinks that keeping the news a secret made her feel sad. She said that as far back as she could remember, being sad at first was a surprise. She felt so alone and anxious that it was hard for her to move.

She thought she was going crazy and wondered why no one had ever told her about this time in her life. She said, “Since I told people about my pregnancy, I’ve had some great talks with other pregnant women and moms, and now I know that all of these feelings are normal.” Invisibility during pregnancy can be stressful. The relief she felt after publicly announcing her pregnancy was incredible.

13. Bryce Dallas Howard

AXELLE/BAUER-GRIFFIN.COM/East News, © brycedhoward / Instagram

Postpartum depression is hard to explain because the body, mind, and spirit break down after what most people think should be a happy time, Bryce said. She shuddered when she saw her interview on TV, since she couldn’t explain what she was going through, which is what many women go through. They choose silence, which worries her. Others may suffer in silence, unable to recover.

“Do I regret having experienced postpartum depression,” she persisted. “Absolutely.” To reject the experience, though, is to deny her identity. She still laments the loss of what could have been, but she also feels profound appreciation for those who supported her, and for the lesson that they should never be hesitant to seek assistance.

14. Celine Dion NEWS, © celinedion / Instagram

Celine Dion stated of her twins’ births that one minute there was enormous delight, and the next, exhaustion came in, and she sobbed for no reason, and then it took care of itself. She was a little out of herself in the first few days after she returned home. She was disturbed by her lack of appetite. “Though motherhood is tiring, but an intense joy,” she said.

“My mother noted that she observed I had times of lifelessness, but reassured me that this was quite normal,” she added. Mothers require emotional assistance after delivering a kid for situations like these.

Have you or anyone you know or care about ever been depressed after giving birth? Can you tell new moms how they can cope with it?

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