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10 Details That Made the Royals Style Icons

If you take a closer look at the representatives of the British Royal family, you will notice inconspicuous details that often appear in their outfits. For example, we noticed that Kate Middleton often appears in culottes, while Meghan Markle loves trench coats. It’s hard to say which ones the ladies chose themselves and which are the result of the successful work of their stylists. Whatever it is, one thing is clear: in order to look royal, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort.

At Bright Side, we can’t wait to share the most interesting details with you about the style of the best half of the royal family. In addition to the style of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, we also researched the style of Meghan Markle. Despite the fact that Prince Harry’s wife renounced her royal title, she still prefers luxurious styles in the best traditions of Windsor.

Stockings that match the color of the dress

Diana, like all representatives of the royal family, had to wear nylon stockings for official events. And in order to somehow revive this boring wardrobe detail, the princess often chose stockings in bright colors to match her outfits.

Espadrilles are the best summer shoes.

Espadrilles are definitely the favorite type of summer shoe among all royal ladies. They’re an integral part of both Kate and Meghan’s summer wardrobes.

Blue eyeliner

Sky-blue eyeliner has become one of Diana’s trademarks. The bright hue accentuated the depth of the princess’s eyes and was her little secret weapon.

Tweed is a secret weapon of noblewomen.

Glossy magazines unofficially dubbed Kate Middleton the “Queen of Tweed.” The Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe contains a wide variety of woolen items, from tweed suits to jackets.

Bare shoulders

According to the royal protocol, it is prohibited for ladies to bare their shoulders. However, Meghan Markle broke this rule over and over again. But she did it with such grace that even the queen turned a blind eye to this mischief.

If we’re talking about pants, let’s talk culottes.

It seems that culottes are one of Kate Middleton’s favorites and they have already become her trademark. The future queen skillfully combines them with both elegant high-heeled shoes and practical sneakers.

Bright colors

Meghan is a big fan of black and neutral colors. But she can often be seen in outfits that boast bright, saturated colors, which perfectly match her natural olive skin.

Trench coats: the more, the better

Trench coats take up a significant place in the wardrobe of Prince Harry’s wife. Over and over again, Meghan has demonstrated her ability to create elegant, yet modern looks with the most fashionable outerwear of recent seasons.

Cape dresses

Another interesting detail of Meghan’s wardrobe are cape dresses. Exquisite capes highlight Markle’s elegance and are an excellent choice for formal ceremonies and important meetings.

Experiments with accessories

Diana loved to experiment with accessories. A string of pearls worn on the back, a sapphire necklace word as a tiara, and gloves in different colors — these are just a few of the princess’s favorite tricks.

Do you think it’s hard to be a princess in the 21st century? Is it possible to look stylish without breaking the royal protocol? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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