10 Requirements Royal Staff Should Meet to Remain in the Queen’s Good Graces

Finding eligible people to work as staff at Buckingham Palace is like “finding a needle in a haystack,” according to royal recruitment. Attention to detail and politeness are a must, but there are other rules that some may find oddly specific.

At Bright Side, we understand that some manners of the royal family can be a bit unexpected and surprising, but how different could they actually be? If you ever thought about what working for the Queen would be like, keep on reading.

1. Nannies aren’t allowed to say the word, “kids.”

Although “kids” is a pretty normal word to call children, Kate Middleton’s nanny, Maria Borallo, is banned from using this word. This comes from Norland College protocols, where nannies go to study and train to work for wealthy families. The reason for abolishing this word is that “kids” are baby goats and they take care of “children.” Instead, the children should be called by their names as a sign of respect for their individuality.

2. Home-cooked and chef-cooked meals should be prepared for the royal corgis.

We can all agree that our pets should be treated in the best way possible, but wait till you see how the Queen’s corgis are treated. According to former chef Darren McGrady, the corgis are offered home-cooked meals and have their own menu. The fresh food would include rabbit, liver, cabbage, and rice. The corgis are treated not only as man’s best friend but also as royals!

3. Tea should be brewed in a very particular way.

Nothing’s more British than tea time! When it comes to this drink, the royal family has set a couple of specifications. It has been revealed that a teaspoon of leaves should be used per teacup and that milk should be added last. There is even a proper temperature for the water: 158°F for green tea, and 212°F for Earl Grey or English breakfast tea.

Besides checking the temperature of the water with a thermometer, there is a set time for the tea to be brewed: 3 minutes for green tea, and 5 minutes for black tea. There is a specific sweetener as well, which is honey.

4. Special uniforms are required on special occasions.

This fact was shared by a journalist who went undercover as one of the Queen’s footmen. According to Ryan Parry, the regular uniform consisted of a white shirt with distinctive black tails, a black tie, and a scarlet waistcoat. For summer, there was a tropical livery with gold trim. They also had to wear a long scarlet livery and a gold-lined top hat for special/state occasions.

5. A butler is required for the corgis.

Besides having chef-cooked meals, the corgis also have a special staff. Each of the 8 dogs is given food from exotic porcelain meal bowls that are arranged and served by order of seniority — from the oldest to the youngest pup. There are also 2 butlers who collect the empty dishes after they’re finished eating. Nothing but the best for the royal corgis!

6. Carrots for the horses must be of a very particular length.

Not only the corgis but also the horses are treated like kings. The Queen has a particular preference for the length of their carrots — they should be finger-sized and peeled. Since sometimes Her Majesty feeds them herself, the length should be perfect. After all, what a sin it would be if a horse ever bit her finger!

7. The Queen must be invited to dinner in a specific way.

For the royals, there is absolutely no such announcement as “Dinner is on the table!” Instead, the Queen should be invited to dinner in a polite yet elegant way. A member of the staff once mentioned that saying, “Your dinner’s ready,” instead of “Your majesty, dinner is served,” was incorrect.

8. Rain or shine, kids must be encouraged to play outside.

As mentioned before, nannies go through training before being hired to take care of the royal children. When in training, these nannies are old-fashioned about one thing: outdoor play and getting lots and lots of fresh air. That includes outdoor playing in wet weather — just wear the appropriate clothing and you’re good to go. This encourages teaching through playing, like bike rides, gardening, and playing with pets.

9. Soft-boiled eggs must be perfect.

According to the Royal Servants documentary, Prince Charles used to have soft-boiled eggs after hunting. Sometimes, his arrival back home would be unexpected. Because of that, the staff kept making eggs every 3 minutes beforehand so they would be perfect when he arrived home.

10. Absolutely no raw meat, crust on sandwiches, or tap water are allowed.

To avoid food poisoning, the royals refrain from eating a couple of foods that could pose any kind of risk. For instance, no raw meat, such as steak tartare, is on the menu. Drinking tap water when traveling, exotic or spicy foods, and crust on sandwiches are also no-nos.

Would you like to work for the royals? What would you be excited about doing? What requirements surprised you? Do you think you’d get to meet them all?

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