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10+ Stories About Teachers Who Got Admiration in Their Students’ Eyes

Teachers are extremely important in our society. They prepare the younger generation for life, and by doing so, they contribute greatly to a brighter and happier future for all of us. This profession is far from being a simple one, but with its many challenges comes an appropriate award: admiration and love from their students who throw them surprise wedding showers or bring them their favorite coffee.

We at Bright Side are very grateful to all the teachers out there and would like to share some sweet stories of students’ eternal admiration.



3. “Joked with my fifth-grade students that Friday was ’bring your teacher their favorite coffee day’ and I guess they decided to make it real! I love my job!”



6. “My students made me wedding cards.”



This is Tatiana Tereshchenkova, one of the winners of a contest held by the Russian Movement of Schoolchildren. Her student wrote a heartwarming letter about their favorite teacher, and the organization made her biggest dream come true: she got to visit Crimea. “My dream came true — a childhood dream that I carried in my heart for almost 50 years!” says Tatiana.


Another winner of the same contest was Rita Khamidullina, whose student, Ilyas, also wrote the sweetest letter. The third-grader wrote about his favorite teacher’s devotion to her job, and how she always does her best to make children’s days at school bright and interesting. He mentioned how he wished for her dream of riding a helicopter to come true, and it did.





Did you have a favorite teacher in school? How did they help you become the person you are now?

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