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10 Times Kate Middleton Broke the Royal Rules and We Didn’t Even Notice

While Meghan Markle is the big rebel in the House of Windsor, Kate Middleton is the opposite — she’s perfect. But even though the Duchess of Cambridge follows the Royal protocol carefully and respects the age-old traditions, she sometimes does things that are contrary to it.

We at Bright Side decided to highlight 10 times when Kate Middleton ignored royal protocol, but did it in such an elegant manner that nobody really noticed it. And at the end of the article, we share a story of how Kate was put in an awkward situation.

She appears in public without her engagement ring.

The members of the royal family are not allowed to appear in public without their engagement rings. But Kate has broken this rule several times. For example, in 2018, during her visit to the Great Ormond Street Hospital, the wife of Prince William wasn’t wearing her famous sapphire ring, she was only wearing her wedding band.

She wears bright nail polish.

Meghan Markle is not the only one that breaks the royal beauty rules. The Duchess of Cambridge has also been seen with dark nail polish but, for some reason, it didn’t make a splash in the media. We’ve noticed that Kate loves bright pedicures but her manicure is always on the lighter side, according to the rules.

She wears pretty short dresses.

There’s an unwritten rule that says that the length of the skirt or dress of a royal family member shouldn’t be more than 4 inches above the knee. But Kate sometimes breaks this rule and wears short (by the royal standards) skirts and dresses.

She doesn’t use weights for her dresses.

In order to keep their dresses and skirts down, even when it’s windy, they have small weights sewn into them. Even though the Queen always follows this simple rule, Kate often neglects it, which sometimes results in awkward situations. Reportedly, Middleton normally tries to wear clothes that produce static in the hopes of keeping it in place.

She wears black (and not just on days of mourning).

According to the royal protocol, the members of the royal family are supposed to only wear black on days of mourning. And even though Kate’s wardrobe mostly includes clothes in bright colors, she sometimes ignores this rule and wears all-black outfits. For instance, Kate recently visited the Natural History Museum wearing a black elegant suit from Alexander McQueen.

She wears heels that are taller than 3 inches.

Another royal rule says: women should not wear heels that are taller than 3 inches. But Kate has a different opinion. She often, if not always, wears really tall heels.

She finds herself in the middle of scandals.

For the baptism ceremony of the first child of the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, Kate chose to wear the memorable pearl earrings of Diana. But this gesture seemed inappropriate for many people since Kate was accused of attempting to steal all the attention. Fans of the royal family agreed that the earrings should have been worn by Meghan because the Princess of Wales was wearing them during the baptism of Prince Henry.

She violates the royal dress code.

In 2012, for the parade during the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, Kate chose a red Alexander McQueen dress while all the other guests were wearing pastel colors. Her clothes were so bright that she almost overshadowed the Queen herself.

She allowed her husband to witness the delivery of her child.

According to Windsor tradition, the father of the child can’t be there for the birth. So, for example, when Prince Charles was born, the Duke of Edinburgh was busy playing squash and when William was born, Charles was playing polo. But Kate broke this rule by asking Prince William to be with her at this important moment. So, the Duke of Cambridge has been with her each time she’s given birth.

She celebrates Christmas separately from the royal family.

Traditionally, on Christmas, the entire royal family gets together in Sandringham. They go to the church service, exchange gifts, watch the Queen’s speech on TV, and enjoy dinner. But the Cambridge family has broken this rule twice — when they celebrated Christmas with Kate’s parents.


In 2014, during an official visit to New York, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge visited the Brooklyn Nets — Cleveland Cavaliers game where a small incident happened. For the photo, LeBron James hugged Kate Middleton. So, the player broke the royal protocol that says that nobody can touch members of the royal family. You can see the embarrassed look on Kate’s face.

Do you think that breaking these rules is disrespectful? Or do you think that this makes Kate a more relatable person?