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13 People Who Accepted Their Imperfections and Started to Live a Full Life

Many psychologists keep talking about how important it is to learn to accept oneself. And though this task doesn’t seem that difficult, oftentimes, putting up with our own peculiarities, quirks, and physical imperfections can be quite an uphill task.

We at Bright Side always feel happy for those who find the strength to get rid of complexes and prejudices. Our small compilation of their photos shows cool results of such inner transformations, and perhaps they’ll inspire you to do a little introspection as well.

1. “After my first heartbreak, I’m starting to love myself again.”

“I never would have posted this picture anywhere in the past because you can see my stomach, but I love it. My smile is so genuine in it.”

2. “I was bullied for my nose my entire life.”

“This is the first pic I’ve ever felt beautiful in while showing the size of my nose.”

3. “As someone who used to weigh 260 lb, I was feeling really bad about my recent weight gain. That was until I tried on this gown.”

4. “11 years ago when I moved to a new country, I was bullied for my look, I was teased for my weight, and I was shy and reserved because I didn’t know what was good in life anymore.”

“10 years later, I’m a more confident person with arms full of fur babies. Life is getting better.”

5. “I used to hate the way I looked and I never wore dresses.”

“Now I love myself and the way I look, take full body pics, and wear dresses all the time. It’s amazing what a little self-love and confidence can do.”

6. “I was bullied for my nose, hair, and freckles growing up — literally the 3 most exciting things about my appearance.”

7. “My prom was this weekend.”

“And this was despite having ongoing agoraphobia/social anxiety and a panic attack in the parking lot before I went in. I managed to stay the whole time, enjoy it, and even dance a little.”

8. “I used to be afraid of having short hair because of the weight of my face. Today, I said goodbye to the old me and embraced my new life!”

9. “I loved pizza and was insecure at the age of 17. I still love pizza and learned to love myself at 25.”

10. “After living my whole life hating myself, I can finally say I feel pretty.”

“Self-love was a very tough journey, but I’m getting there!”

11. “Finally starting to love myself. This is a genuine smile!”

“I’ve been getting rid of bad habits, working out, and making new amazing friends. I love my life and I love myself!”

12. “Learned about ’radical acceptance’ and now I love my tiny nose more than ever.”

13. “I’m 30 and am trying to feel confident despite the birthmark on my eye.”

What small victories regarding accepting yourself and your peculiarities can you brag about?

Preview photo credit karlbarxalot / Reddit
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