18 People Came Up With Simple Solutions to Our Everyday Problems

Whether it’s from life experience or just being downright witty, some people are really good at making something complex look simple. Moreover, they’re also quite generous and always willing to share their most useful tips to make things easier, safer, and less time-consuming for the rest of us.

At Bright Side, we’re always looking for a chance to incorporate some new tricks into our lives, and we want you to learn something new that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


  • “If you drop your phone, stick your foot out to try to ’catch’ it. You won’t, but if you get your foot under it, you’ll cushion the fall. It’ll bounce off and only fall from the height of your foot.” ThisIsPaulina/ Reddit


  • “If you’re out hiking alone, bring water. If your water reaches 50% during the hike, it’s time to turn around.” WakandaBrother/Reddit


  • “To prep for a hurricane, fill every food storage container you have with water and freeze it. If you lose power, transfer these giant ’ice cubes’ to the fridge. They will keep it sufficiently cool to preserve food for days and provide a drinkable water source as the ice melts.” fanzel71/ Reddit


  • “If someone won’t shut up, drop something; they’ll pause when you go to pick it up. Use that opportunity to speak, as you pick up whatever you dropped.” twopacktuesday/ Reddit


  • “Lending something to someone? Take their picture with the item you lent them.” Hexatona/ Reddit


  • “If you’re stuck on an annoying call, put your phone on airplane mode instead of just hanging up. The other person will see ’call failed’ instead of ’call ended.’” fifa_g**_786/ Reddit


  • “If a bee colony has set up a hive that you need removed, don’t call the exterminator. Beekeepers will relocate the hive often for free. This is an easy way to be nice to the bees and to your wallet.” cool_much/ Reddit


  • “If you’re making eggs and a piece of an eggshell falls in, use an eggshell to get it out.” npepin/ Reddit


  • “I really like the one where you dampen a napkin and put it in with your pizza when you microwave it. The first time I tried, I was amazed that it actually worked.” GocoZwei/ Reddit


  • “If you’re at a large park or event with your kids, take a picture of them just as you walk in the door. If by some chance they get lost, you have a picture that shows exactly what they look like and what they were wearing.” Never_Been_Missed/ Reddit


  • “If there is one ’Ah-ha!’ moment I’ve had in the last 20 years of cooking, it’s that when salt isn’t ’helping’ a dish, what’s missing is acid. Lemon juice, vinegar, or citric acid (if you have some) transforms a dish in a surprising way.” FoodandWhining/ Reddit


  • “If you have an ingrown nail, using dental floss will help. The doctor showed me this the other day. You slide dental floss under the nail as far as possible and leave a piece on both sides hanging. This will alleviate the pressure and a lot of the pain, and after a few days (taking care to change it daily), your nail will start to grow upwards and out of your skin.” Rexanne/ Reddit


  • “Put your necklaces through a straw and then fasten them so they won’t get tangled when traveling.” janeylaney/ Reddit


  • “Using a bowl as an impromptu speaker for a smartphone. I use it all the time when cleaning my apartment or in the cupholders of older cars that only have CD players.” zeppelin5/ Reddit


  • “Don’t throw out used butter wrappers, fold them in half (buttery side in, of course) and put them in your fridge. Next time you need to grease a pan, just grab your pre-buttered wrapper and coat the pan lickity split.” Sintarus/ Reddit


  • “During a job interview, if offered a glass of water, accept it. That way, when you get asked a difficult question, you can take a sip for some extra seconds before answering.” elzndr/ Reddit


  • “Freeze a block of cheese for 30 minutes before shredding it. It will shred quicker, smoother, and won’t chunk up on the shredder.” improbablyd***nlw/ Reddit


  • Whenever you’re stressed out, just blow on your thumb. Don’t really know the science behind it but it lowers your heart rate, at least for me.” diisturbance/ Reddit
  • Stimulation of vagus nerve. Holding your breath and pushing hard like you’re having a BM for 15-20 seconds is standard advice to help those with panic/anxiety attacks in the ER. Dramatically reduces pulse and helps with blood pressure.” DontThinkChewSoap/Reddit

Have you already tried any of the tips we mentioned? What other useful tips can you share?


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