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15 Curious Facts About Our Favorite Celebs That We Were Amazed to Find Out

We all have our favorite celebrities, and it helps to know a little about the person behind the persona. For instance, knowing that Emma Watson had a crush on Tom Felton, as in Draco Malfoy, while filming the Harry Potter movies only endears her to us more. As do Megan Fox’s club thumbs and Denzel Washington’s crooked finger.

Bright Side dug out more of these lesser-known facts about other beloved celebrities because these tidbits put a smile on our faces.

1. Nicolas Cage was paid $20 million to play Superman.

Nicolas Cage almost played Superman, in a storyline where he was no longer able to fly, but would still fight and defeat a giant spider. The movie was titled Superman Lives, but at the last moment, executives at Warner Bros called the movie off. Cage still got paid a cool $20 million, and later named his son Kal-El, Superman’s name on Krypton.

2. Nicole Kidman has a morbid fear of butterflies.

Nicole Kidman has no problems jumping out of planes or even having cockroaches on her, but she cannot stand butterflies and moths. The fear of butterflies is called lepidopterophobia and Kidman admits, she cannot get over it, even though she’s tried. She cannot stand the feel of butterfly bodies and attributes the fear to her having seen very large specimens during her childhood in Australia.

3. Matthew McConaughey does not wear deodorant.

Matthew McConaughey has not worn deodorant for a long time now and feels that a man, should smell like a man. His co-star, Yvette Nicole Brown, went as far as saying he smelled like “granola and good living.”

4. Jennifer Lawrence has a tattoo to remind her to drink water.

Jennifer Lawrence got the chemical symbol of water, “H20” tattooed on her hand as part of a bonding exercise with co-star Liam Hemsworth while they filmed The Hunger Games.

Lawrence says her idea behind the tattoo was that she might as well get something on her hand that reminded her to stay hydrated. Funnily enough, the tattoo is incorrect, because the ’2′ should lie below the H and the O.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio has a connection to the Mona Lisa.

Leonardo DiCaprio is named for the artist, Leonardo da Vinci, and the story behind the name is a charming one. DiCaprio said that his parents were on their honeymoon at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. They were looking at a da Vinci painting, and DiCaprio “started kicking furiously while my mother was pregnant.” His father, an artist himself, decided that would be the name of his child.

6. Rami Malek has a twin brother, Sami.

Rami Malek has an identical twin brother Sami, who looks like a mirror image of the actor, but leads a very different life. Sami is a double-major in American Literature & Culture and African-American Studies and has a career in education. Rami sometimes brings him to red carpet events.

7. Singer Lorde rates onion rings on Instagram.

Lorde is not just a singer, she’s an appraiser of onion rings on Instagram. With the handle, “onionringsworldwide” Lorde’s secret account had only put up 4 posts when her identity was leaked to the press. She took the page down, but then brought it back, mentioning the same in a new post.

Lorde likes to make notes while having onion rings and later shares her reviews with her fans, although not many of them know that this is her unofficial Instagram account, dedicated to onion rings.

8. Ed Sheeran has a large lion tattoo on his chest.

Ed Sheeran is also quite the wild tattoo canvas, and a huge lion tattoo on his chest is just one of the many colorful pieces of art he bears on his body.

The reason behind the tattoo is rather sweet. Sheeran’s 3-night show at Wembley Stadium in London was a sell-out and since England’s national emblem is a lion, he got the tattoo as a celebration.

9. Jennifer Aniston almost got onto Saturday Night Live.

Jennifer Aniston was offered a slot on Saturday Night Live, just before Friends happened. But she messed it up by going up to Lorne Michaels and calling out the show for being a “boy’s club.” She did not get the part and became Rachel Green instead, which worked out for her just as well.

10. Michelle Pfeiffer believed she could survive on sunlight.

When Michelle Pfeiffer was new to Hollywood, she fell in with a group who called themselves the “breatharians.” They believed the human body needed no food or water, just sunlight was enough sustenance. Thankfully, Pfeiffer realized her mistake early on and corrected herself, with the help of her first husband, Peter Horton.

11. There’s an insect named after Beyoncé.

People look up to celebrities in different ways, and when researcher Bryan Lessard found a fly that had a golden behind, or rather golden hair on its bottom, he thought it was “Bootylicious” enough to be named after the singer of the song, Beyoncé. Thus, the name: Scaptia (Plinthina) beyonceae.

12. Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun.

Eva Mendes wanted to be a nun but later changed her mind, although it had nothing to do with Ryan Gosling. Mendes says when her older sister told her that nuns do not get paid, her convent dreams were over. She wanted to buy her mother a house and knew that being a nun would not complete that ambition of hers, though we are sure Gosling is thankful as well.

13. Emma Stone believes her deceased grandfather is around.

Emma Stone is a great believer in the metaphysical world and on the Late Show with David Letterman, she admitted to experiencing some supernatural “materialization.” Basically, Stone believes her grandfather leaves quarters for her to find. She never really delved into the tale, calling it a “long story” but her belief is absolute.

14. George Clooney was paid $3 for a role.

George Clooney believed so much in one movie, that he made sure it got made, by accepting a $3 salary. He was paid a dollar each for writing, directing, and acting in the movie, Good Night and Good Luck. It went on to be nominated for an Oscar, so clearly, Clooney went for passion rather than money for this one.

15. Daniel Radcliffe had a crush on Drew Barrymore.

Daniel Radcliffe recently admitted to having a long-term crush on Drew Barrymore, and her BFF, Cameron Diaz. He went so far as saying he had taped pictures of them to his wall, even though he has been in a relationship with actress Erin Darke for the last decade. Barrymore responded with, “That is crazy, it seems like he has a type!” and also said they made a sweet couple.

Which other celebrity secrets would you like to know? Do you know any sweet facts like these about your favorite actors?

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