18 Times Parenting Got Completely Out of Control

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5 years ago

Living with kids is a lot of fun. But then again, it’s full of a whole lot of messiness and unexpected surprises. Still, some wiser parents take a philosophical approach to the quirks of their little ones and capture hilarious shots of them doing the craziest things.

We at Bright Side collected 19 pics from those who have documented their sweet disasters on camera. And we’re more than willing to share them with you!

1. “Mommy, I got dressed for school myself.”

2. “Hairstyle by Dad”

3. The last seconds of the dress being white

4. Getting away with murder

5. Young, brave, stylish, and extravagant

6. “It feels like something’s behind me...”

7. When it’s been 3 hours and there’s still no end in sight:

8. The winner takes the bath, the loser sits in the toilet...

9. When you create an installation and your mom says she’s gotta clean it away:

10. “Assess the damage, walk out, and return with a camera.”

11. “These aren’t dirt stains, they’re my new expensive eyeshadows.”

12. “My child is positive and easy-going...most of the time.”

13. “I believe my son enjoyed the playground.”

14. Well, at least Vaseline is said to be good for the skin.

15. “Mommy, am I beautiful with your makeup?”

16. “Master kid chef in my own kitchen!”

17. “The real breadwinner of our family”

18. “I sent my son to clean his room and came back to check.”

Have you ever had a really bad parenting day? Please share your stories in the comments!


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