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15 Men Who Ditched the Razor and Released Their Inner Viking

Growing a beard has some surprising benefits. It keeps the skin moisturized, reduces acne, and can even protect the face from the sun’s UV rays. In the Victorian era, doctors even prescribed beards as a way to prevent illness. In addition to health benefits, facial hair can change a person’s appearance dramatically, and some women perceive men with beards as having an elevated social status.

We at Bright Side think men with beards look awesome. And here are 15 examples that prove this point.

1. “I made it. No shave 365.”

2. “Channeling my inner Asian supervillain.”

3. “Hair finally caught up with the beard.”

4. “World Beard Day. That’s what’s up.”

5. “My Viking beard had a Viking photoshoot.”

6. Bearded smizing for the win!

7. “The sun really brings out the red.”

8. “Happy World Beard Day!”

9. “Is it possible to find love on Instagram with a total stranger?”

10. “Hemingway on top. Fitness model on bottom.”

11. “Keep on growing.”

12. “Haven’t seen my face in 7 years. No regrets.”

13. “Finally a proper selfie.”

14. “My beard is really growing on me.”

15. “Trying to show the world that long hair and beards can be professional.”

Do you think men look better with beards?