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15 People Who Don’t Have the Word “Quit” in Their Vocabulary

Setting a goal for ourselves is easy to do, but achieving it can be extremely challenging. It’s especially true when it comes to physical transformations. There are many different reasons why people choose to change their appearance. No matter what they are, the end results are often real beams of inspiration to all those who are pushing to hit their objectives.

Bright Side rounded up a few examples that scream “Never give up!”.

1. “220 lbs lost in 3 years of hard work and dedication”

2. “Lost 115 lbs in just under 2 years by lifting, running, and doing intermittent fasting.”

3. “I did a thing, and lost 35 lbs.”

4. “Exactly 2 years between these pictures, same dress and less 156 lbs.”

5. “My before and after weight loss pics, but suit-up edition. I lost 139 lbs in 15 months.”

6. “My New Year’s resolution is still going strong.”

7. “2 years of progress”

8. “From 260 lbs to 205 lbs — keep going.”

9. What losing 240 lbs looks like:

10. “My weight loss journey”

11. “174 lbs and counting in 10 months”

12. “Still going strong after 6 months”

13. “I have lost 160+ pounds.”

14. “Almost 80 lbs down now and trying to keep motivated”

15. “It’s taken almost 4 years but I’m half the person I used to be.”

What goal are you trying to achieve? How do you stay motivated?

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