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15 Photos That Prove There Is Always Time to Be Yourself Regardless of Your Age

We tend to get mixed up between our chronological age and our biological age. While it is true that there are activities that can only be done at a certain stage in our lives, like driving a car legally, there are other things that do not require an age range to carry them out. And less so when it is something that makes you feel like yourself or that you simply like.

1. It looks like this granny in the front row is really enjoying watching Lady Gaga modeling for photographers.

2. “You’re never too young to rock.”

3. “I got my first N64 at 31 as an early Christmas gift from my wife. Never too old for the classics!”

4. “A few summers back, I was wandering around a town in the south of Spain and saw one of those coin-operated rides...”

“I asked my friend to get a picture of me, and at that exact moment, this kid jumped in and made this shot amazing.”

5. “Never too old to play in the snow!!!”

6. Being taken for a ride in the grocery cart has no age limit

7. “Never too young or old to start a new hobby”

8. “New look (38). Septum pierced this afternoon.”

9. “My first project. My wife wanted something to hold all the kids’ hats, gloves, etc. that normally fly around like confetti.”

“It’s not perfect, but I learned A LOT. You are never too old to learn a skill, just go for it!”

10. “2013/2020 — 22 months of hormone replacement therapy and nearly 49 years old. It’s never too late to be who you really are.”

11. Never too old to have a friend give you a ride on the handlebars.

12. “Thought it’d be funny to catch my granddad sleeping on vacation, till I made the same mistake. Touché, Pop.”

13. “Saw this old man on the train yesterday playing some game, so I moved closer to him to see what he was playing, and sure enough, Pokémon.”

“This just proves that you can never be too old for Pokémon.”

14. “My dad getting his first tattoo at 55 — you’re never too old!”

15. Determination is the only fuel needed to achieve your goals, and age should be no impediment.

Is there an activity that you have always enjoyed doing and continue to do so to this day? Or is there something that you believe you can no longer do because of your age?

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