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15+ Pics of People Who Have Their Own Cloud Nine

According to psychologists the smiles on our faces can influence our mood. Most of the time, we don’t need much to brighten our day. Sometimes it is enough to enjoy the pool or go apple or pumpkin picking for the first time.

Bright Side hopes that the emotions of these people who reached their seventh heaven will cheer you up too.

1. “This is what my baby does when he gets in the pool.”

2. “My grandma’s first time pumpkin and apple picking. I guess you could say she had fun.”

3. Tears of joy after you get your first upvote on Reddit

4. “After 36 years of asking, my dad bought me a pony!”

5. “After about a year and a half of hard work, my girlfriend is finally publishing her first children’s book.”

6. “Just started a new job with higher pay and no customer interaction and I have a beautiful 1-week-old daughter.”

7. “Dad took me to a racetrack 7 years ago. Met Paul Walker, he stuck his finger up my nose.”

8. Low budget movie makers got professional equipment as a gift from Netflix.

9. “I am a father of twins today.”

10. “My 13-year-old brother saved up over $900 to get the gaming PC that he wanted.”

11. She really enjoys Halloween.

12. “New friend of mine couldn’t afford a new computer. I built a new one and gave him my old one for free. He was so happy!”

13. “I finally got married to the love of my life. It wasn’t easy but I’m so happy.”

14. Adopted both.

15. “My lil’ dude is officially my son.”

16. An hour after he brought an adopted cat home

17. “We finalized our adoption today. Here’s our handsome little dude.”

18. All you need for happiness is a blanket, a warm drink, and some old movies.

19. When your dog wishes you a happy 89th birthday:

When did you feel the happiest in your life? Share a pic taken that day.

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