15+ Times Celebrities Changed Their Signature Hairstyles and Ended Up With a Totally Different Look

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, and Cameron Diaz with dark hair, Anne Hathaway with a pixie cut and platinum blond hair, or Jason Momoa with short hair instead of his gorgeous mane we got used to seeing. This may sound unusual, but these are the image changes that actually happened to our favorite celebrities. When famous people take the plunge and suddenly change their signature hairstyles they’ve been having for long time, these changes can sometimes be so dramatic that they make our jaws drop.

We at Bright Side recollected 18 times our favorite celebrities changed their signature hairstyles we all were used to, and we made collages to show those striking transformations. On the left, we showed celebrities with their usual hairstyles, and on the right — their hair experiments.

Andie MacDowell: embracing her natural gray hair

Reese Witherspoon: deep dark color instead of dazzling blond

Billie Eilish: blond instead of black and neon green

Michelle Williams: a bob instead of a pixie cut

Leighton Meester: blond instead of dark brown

Jennifer Lawrence: saturated dark hair color instead of platinum blond

Blake Lively: bright red hair instead of her usual blond

Emma Stone: dark hair instead of red hair

Jason Momoa: short hair instead of long hair

Cameron Diaz: dark hair instead of platinum blond

Kate Hudson: a pixie cut and dark hair instead of her usual long blond hair

Paris Hilton: hair in a saturated dark color instead of platinum blond

Lindsay Lohan: dark hair instead of blond or red

Kendall Jenner: blond hair instead of dark hair

Lucy Liu: short hair instead of her usual long hair

Shakira: bright pink instead of blond

Anne Hathaway: a pixie cut and blond hair instead of her usual long dark hair

Mila Kunis: fringe instead of her usual hair cut

Which of these celebrities changed their look the most thanks to hair transformations in your opinion? What is the most daring hair experiment you’ve ever done?

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