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17 Acts of Kindness the World Deserves to See

A simple kind act can instantly transform anyone’s bad day into a not-so-bad day. More than that, many studies have shown that being a kind person has positive psychological benefits. For instance, helping someone else can create a rush of the dopamine hormone that’s strongly associated with feelings of happiness.

Bright Side is sharing these photos with you to give you a little mood boost and prove that the world is full of love and compassion.

1. “My mom has military service-related ALS. My parents divorced 20 years ago, but they still love each other.”

2. “This couple gave my kids all these tickets. They just like to play the games.”

3. “A couple blocked my view so I made the best of it and shared the pictures with them.”

4. “My son is a little nervous for his first day at a new school — I snuck a supportive friend in his lunch.”

5. “To the dude in front of me in line at Subway, thanks for paying for my sandwich. You snuck out before I was even aware of it or could thank you.”

6. “A kind stranger paid for my daughter’s birthday cake! :)”

The note says:

“Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!

It’s my niece’s birthday too! Since I can’t be with her on her special day, I wanted to help celebrate your special day by buying your birthday cookie for you. Hope you have a wonderful party.”

7. This person came back to find a kind stranger had inflated their flat tire.

8. “Hotel staff left this in our room after my 9-year-old remarked how good the complimentary cookies were!”

9. “A kind stranger from the Internet drew a digital portrait of my mom and our late dog, Bailey.”

10. “A customer at the restaurant I work at left this, along with a $50 tip. Thank you!”

11. “This is Devin. Not only is he a kind stranger who went to check on the occupants of a car accident this morning, but he also has a cool tattoo.”

12. “I found this in a can of formula I opened today. Thank you, kind stranger. It is truly needed and appreciated!”

13. “I’m a student and have parents who support me. So I gave my stimulus check to a family friend who only had $50 to her name.”

14. “Aha! I spy an ambulance and a crew in need of sweets!”

15. “A couple of years ago, I hung a shelf on my fence to put some small free bouquets on. Lately, people have been leaving me things.”

This person’s special sign says:

“Help yourself to a free bouquet.

I hope they will bring some joy.

No need to return the ‘vase.’ Repay me by spreading more joy in your own way.”

16. “One of my work colleagues found out that I haven’t had a meal in 2 days. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for this.”

17. Someone left this inspiring note in London to help others.

What kind gestures have you experienced recently? How do you spread kindness in the world?

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