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17 Bright Siders Who Xeroxed Themselves Into Their Kids and Thought No One Would Notice

More often than not, children are a perfect combination of both of their parents, but sometimes genetics does its magic and tips the scale one way or the other. It mostly comes down to prevalent genes, like red hair or blue eyes. That’s why in some cases, kids turn out looking like their mom’s or dad’s doppelgängers.

Many Bright Side readers submitted personal photos showcasing exactly this, and we made a special selection that’ll have you rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

1. “Me and my daughter”

2. “My mother with my brother vs My daughter and I”

3. “Me (33) and my daughter (15)”

4. Mom and son. It’s not just about the haircut!

5. Both at 2 years old. Both adorable.

6. " Me on the left in 1989, and my daughter on the right in 2019!"

7. " I would say my daughter looks like her momma."

8. Mom and daughter, around age 5

9. “My son on the left and me on the right”

10. Same age and same adorable red hair

11. “Me at 5 and my son at 3 years old”

12. “My youngest daughter and me at age 8”

13. “Me when I was 7 vs My son at 6”

14. “Me aged 8 in 1982. My daughter aged 8 in 2018.”

15. “My husband and daughter”

16. “My daughter is my doppelgänger!”

17. Like father, like daughter.

Do you share an uncanny resemblance to your parents or children? Share your photos in the comments!