18 Celebrities Who Decided to Slightly Refresh Their Look and Hit the Jackpot

Some celebrities remain the same look for many years and they almost don’t change their hairstyle or their hair color. For example, Zooey Deschanel almost always opts for brown curls a bit lower than her shoulders and thick bangs. While Gwyneth Paltrow likes to wear straight long blonde hair. Still, there are celebrities who like to experiment with hairstyles and who are ready to change them almost monthly.

We at Bright Side like keeping track of celebrity style changes and take note of some of them. All because sometimes a successfully chosen haircut can greatly boost one’s mood.


Selena Gomez

Kaia Gerber


Billie Eilish

Halle Berry


Demi Lovato

Ana de Armas

Charlize Theron

Katy Perry

Chrissy Teigen

Lady Gaga

Hilary Duff

Kate Beckinsale

Kylie Jenner

Jennifer Lopez

Penélope Cruz



How often do you change your hairstyle or do you prefer to not experiment with your hair?

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