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18 Famous Men Who Have Become So Much Hotter With Age

No matter what you do, time is unstoppable. But some famous people seem to know how to fight it. Otherwise, how do you explain how these men are getting more and more attractive the older they become?

At Bright Side, we couldn’t take our eyes off these famous men. And, of course, we decided to share these photos with our readers.

Chris Hemsworth, 35 years old and 26 years old

Ian Somerhalder, 41 years old and 17 years old

Chris Pratt, 39 years old and 23 years old

Chris Evans, 38 years old and 23 years old

Ben Barnes, 38 years old and 25 years old

David Beckham, 43 years old and 24 years old

James McAvoy, 38 years old and 31 years old

Nicholas Hoult, 28 years old and 19 years old

Zac Efron, 30 years old and 17 years old

Gerard Butler, 49 years old and 35 years old

Colin Farrell, 42 years old and 26 years old

Jared Leto, 48 years old and 33 years old

Ewan McGregor, 48 years old and 25 years old

Mads Mikkelsen, 55 years old and 40 years old

Stanislav Ianevski, 34 years old and 20 years old

Rufus Sewell, 50 years old and 29 years old

Chris Pine, 38 years old and 24 years old

Orlando Bloom, 42 years old and 25 years old

Who would you add to our list?

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