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18 People Who Went to a Flea Market and Hit the Absolute Jackpot

For a long time, thrift stores and flea markets have become exceptional places to look for unique and special things without spending so much money. That’s why many enthusiasts, with their eagle eyes, can find even haute couture garments in these places in completely impeccable condition.

Bright Side didn’t want to miss the opportunity to admire some of the best thrift store findings, so we wrote a new compilation. Have a look!

1. “Found Vintage Louis Vuitton and (maybe?) Vintage Gucci at a rummage sale! Including a bag of clothes, total $7!”

  • Both are legit. You should fill the lv with some little pillows or some clothing for a couple of days to get it back in shape. Great finds! © PastryCop / Reddit

2. “Found this coach tote for 10$ at goodwill!”

3. “Thrifted the shoes of my dreams yesterday for $10. Vintage Steve Madden 😭❤️”

4. “Dolce & Gabbana silk dress for $20! I don’t know if it’s real, but I found the same one online sold for over $1,200!”

5. “Holy Grail Vintage Coach pickup. Been looking for a green bag for years. Saw her in the window and mentally prepared to pay $70+. They only wanted $15!!”

6. “My greatest find: an authentic Hermes scarf found in the bottom of a goodwill bin. Cost me a couple of cents 🥲”

7. “Brand new pair of Birkenstock, 1$ at the local thrift shop 🤯 Lucky day.”

8. “1996 Olympic Games Limited Edition Ray Bans for $4.50.”

9. “Vintage BCBG dress”

10. “Hermes Birkin, $25”

11. “I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, found these in my local charity shop for €60 today (with the original €565 price still on the box) Valentino wedges — I love them!”

12. “My thrifting career has peaked. My dream boot in my size, cobbler fixed the bottom and put in new heel tips for 20£.”

13. “Vivienne Westwood red label 2009 Fall RTW bought for $17.99.”

14. “Banana Republic toggle coat in my new favorite color. Marked Fall 2012. Was a little pricier than I liked at $20.49.”

15. “Vintage Christian Dior two-piece set from goodwill for $5.99.”

16. “Found these vintage Christian Dior shoes for 7 dollars.”

17. “I found a Herve Leger for only $18.99 at Savers. I can’t believe they didn’t put a higher price!”

18. “Gucci ‘Diana’ bamboo handle tote bag. Found literally in a box on my street with a ‘please take’ sign on it. Not even sure where to begin with restoring it or if I should even try to.”

  • I am certain this is authentic. The flaky lining is actually quite common in vintage Gucci. © Kinase517 / Reddit

Do you like to shop for clothes at flea markets and thrift stores? How often do you visit them?

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