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19 People Who Went From Puff to Buff and We Can’t Help But Admire Their Willpower

When life gives you lemons, making a lemonade may not be as easy as it sounds. When you’re on a weight-loss journey, for example, every ounce of determination is essential. And so it goes if you’re trying to overcome any sort of illness and get back into your old glowing self. Some people have mastered the art of not giving up and overcoming all obstacles.

Bright Side now shines a light on self-improvement stories from all around. Get ready to be inspired!

1. “During her battle with cancer and after she beat it”

2. “Getting your heart broken really does wonders.”

3. “I used to think my shoulders were really muscular but clearly my perception was a bit warped.”

4. “In 2 year he’s lost 90 lbs and I’ve lost 135 lbs. We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together.”

5. “I just found the apron I wore on Cake Wars, in 2016. I’m now well over a hundred pounds lighter than I was then.”

6. “Fit into a size 8 this morning, down from a 22W.”

7. “I did successfully lose 52 pounds, but my biggest accomplishment was learning to love my body.”

8. “A 230 lb loss in almost 2 years.”

9. “Christmas morning 2018 vs Today. Seeing that photo on the left was one of my major motivations to change my lifestyle.”

10. “Officially lost more than I now weigh.”

11. “After a troubled few years, now I’m engaged and a counselor to the homeless.”

12. “Found a ring from before I started my weight loss. It used to be too small for me. I can’t stop smiling.”

13. “My brother needed a liver transplant and was told he had 6 months to live. Today he’s the healthiest he’s ever been.”

14. “Last year I lost 80 pounds.”

15. “I’m no longer obese.”

16. “I was depressed but last year I finally found the courage to change.”

17. “It’s weird how you perceive yourself. I remember thinking I looked skinny in the first picture when I took it.”

18. “I lost 100 lbs.”

19. “Lost 200 pounds in a year after walking 5 km every day.”

What’s been your biggest personal achievement so far? What are some of your new year’s resolutions? Treat us like a friend in the comment section, and let’s hear your success stories and see your best photos!

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