19 Photos From Exhausted Parents...You’ll Sympathize After You’re Done Laughing

Being a parent is honorable but hard work.

Bright Side gathered 19 photo confessions from moms and dads that show what happens when they get really tired. However, they still manage to find time for some rest. Do you want to know how they do it? The bonus at the end of the article will vividly show you their way of coping with tiredness.

19. When both hands are tired:

18. A weird but efficient way to calm a baby. And yourself.

17. The shoes don't match? It's ok! It's good that you at least have shoes on.

16. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own clothes.

15. Don't tell me about bad luck. I am too tired to believe in it.

14. It'll dry while I drive.

13. "I remember when I could leave my house and only worry about taking a coat."

12. Here's a start-up idea: a key that opens all the doors.

11. "Would somebody like to explain to me why the iPad is in the washing machine?"

10. And why is the smartphone in the fridge?

9. Coffee is always a good idea.

8. What's that taste? Is the coffee machine broken?

7. "That moment when all your groceries are bagged, but WAIT...you left your wallet at home."

6. "Nothing like accidentally throwing the doll in the wash."

5. So what if it's a face cream! Maybe I want to moisturize my teeth too.

4. One day I'll learn how to do it.

3. "Accidentally dressed the baby to match my glass of wine."

2. What an ingenious safety device!

1. It took us a minute to realize that something wasn't right.

Bonus: "Sometimes we just have to accept defeat..."

Has anything funny happened to you when you've been tired? Share your photos and memories in the comments.

Preview photo credit deepblueballz/reddit
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