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20+ Celebrity Outfits That Took Us Back to the ’90s Like a Time Machine

Shoulder pads, velvet dresses, combat boots, tracksuits, and neon colors — fashion in the ‘90s spewed out a whole bunch of cool trends that are still inspiring to many of us, including celebrities who like to throw it back to past decades now and then. And even though some of those stars grew up after the ‘90s fashion era ended, they’ve somehow managed to wear these old trends with style and taste, making them look fresh again.

Here at Bright Side, we tried to recall times when modern celebrities felt inspired by ‘90s fashion trends and created their whole look around it, and we invite you to travel back in time together with us.

Kendall Jenner: a tracksuit with high heels and nylon socks

Hailey Baldwin: a plaid flannel shirt with skin-tight leather leggings

Olivia Palermo: a plaid set

Dua Lipa: a crop top and a wrap skirt with ruffles, high platform boots, and cat-eye glasses

Eva Green: a draped velvet dress with shoulder pads

Rihanna: a bucket hat, snakeskin print, and big hoop earrings

Olivia Palermo: a striped suit with wide-leg pants and an oversized jacket

Amber Heard: a slip dress

Karlie Kloss: a crop top and palazzo pants

Jennifer Lopez: neon pink color

Kendall Jenner: a knotted blouse, high-waisted jeans, sneakers, and chunky golden earrings

Bella Hadid: combat boots with long socks

Gigi Hadid: bike shorts with an oversized jacket

Zoe Kravitz: a slip dress and a feathered blazer

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: wide-leg pants with golden buttons and an oversized jacket with shoulder pads

Kristen Stewart: a grunge-style plaid dress

Kylie Jenner: a neon yellow tracksuit with open sandals

Gigi Hadid: head-to-toe tie-dye sweats

Emily Ratajkowski: an oversized jacket with shoulder pads, jeans, and leather boots

Allison Williams: a plaid set with shoulder pads

Emily Ratajkowski: a denim jacket with jeans and leather boots

Priyanka Chopra: high-waisted jeans, a knit crop top, and big hoop earrings

Which of these looks remind you of the ‘90s the most? Which fashion trends were your favorite back then and why?

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