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20 Celebs Who Freshened Up Their Look and Hit the Jackpot

There are celebrities who got tired of their old look and decided to spice things up with something new. Hilary Duff and Lauren Alaina got creative and did it themselves at home, while Hailey Baldwin, Naomi Campbell, Jada Pinkett Smith and others got help from their stylists. All in all, the result was worth the effort.

Bright Side admires people who are not afraid of experimenting with their look. That’s why we feel the urge to share these thrilling makeovers with you. Let’s see who nailed it the best!

1. Hilary Duff

2. Katherine Heigl

3. Hailey Baldwin

4. Emma Roberts

5. Olivia Colman

6. Zoë Kravitz

7. Rowan Blanchard

8. Lauren Alaina

9. Lily James

10. Katy Perry

11. Camila Cabello

12. Jane Fonda

13. Naomi Campbell

14. Ashley Benson

15. Jada Pinkett Smith

16. Christina Ricci

17. Evangeline Lilly

18. Demi Lovato

19. Rumer Willis

20. Keke Palmer

Have you tried to completely change your hairstyle? Let’s share our makeover photos in the comment section!