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20+ Hollywood Stars That Live Simple Humble Lives

Celebrities can afford anything they want: luxury mansions and boats, rooms in the best hotels in the world, and clothes from the greatest designers. However, many of them still prefer to lead humble lives: making cupcakes, babysitting, looking through family photos, and gardening.

We at Bright Side have looked through the Instagram pages of stars and photos taken by journalists and we saw that when there are no cameras around, our favorite stars are just regular people with ordinary hobbies.

Sarah Jessica Parker does her own shopping.

And on Halloween, she gives treats to the neighborhood kids.

Sharon Stone helped her friend by taking a piece of glass out of her foot.

This is how Julianne Moore starts her day

“Throw a weird sweater over my pajamas, grab the vacuum cleaner, and get to work. Inside, outside — wherever.”

Michelle Pfeiffer knows how hard it is to do makeup.

Heidi Klum, shopping with her kids

Demi Moore, looking through family photos with her relatives

Bella Hadid can not only walk on the runway but also fill her car up and check the tires.

Reese Witherspoon, hiding in the closet from her family so she can work in silence

“Quiet and (sort of) private. But my assistant smells like dog food...”

Mickey Rourke, walking with his dog

This is Kate Hudson’s regular Monday.

Milla Jovovich, showing off the radishes she grew

“So ridiculously proud of my radishes. I mean... I’ve had the most insane harvest today after a week of rain, our kitchen is COVERED in salad greens!”

Helen Mirren, cleaning the trash on the road in Italy

“Cleaning up the trash on the road in Italy. My sister and I spent about an hour and cleaned up a whole long stretch. a simple thing but it makes a big difference. Please don’t throw it.”

Jake Gyllenhaal calling a taxi

Amanda Seyfried, as a responsible owner, cleaning up after her pet

The star of Pretty Little Liars, Lucy Hale, knows it’s possible to find a lot of interesting things at a flea market.

Julia Roberts playing cards with her niece Emma Roberts

Jennifer Garner is another big fan of markets.

Hilary Duff and her fun parenting days

“H.E.L.P. guys look at my face lol.”

Looks like Emilia Clarke loves baking.

“Yup. I bought edible glitter spray. And yup I highly recommend it.”

And she loves babysitting

And, like any other woman, can’t feel her legs after wearing high heels for hours.

“I cannot believe I still have feet.”

Jessica Alba shared an important moment with her fans: her older daughter is taller than she is.

“The moment you realize your number 1 baby is taller than you.”

And here she’s making a Thanksgiving turkey.

This is just Dwayne Johnson having a tea party with his daughter.

Katie Holmes — a regular passenger on the New York subway

Kate Beckinsale, like any woman, has a favorite pair of shoes

Jude Law, February 14

Even the coldest weather doesn’t stop Keira Knightley from enjoying her fast food.

Leonardo DiCaprio, like any man, patiently taking photos of his woman in front of some sights

In your opinion, do you think that these celebrities are exceptions? What do you think a regular day in the life of a celebrity looks like?

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