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20 People Who Left Their Fears Behind to Become Their True Selves

According to a study published in 2017, almost one million people are transgender in the US alone. We believe that transitioning requires a lot of courage as well as support from family, friends, and loved ones. And the people featured below were brave enough to be authentically themselves.

We at Bright Side are amazed by these changes and want to show you some stunning before and after photos.

1. “This is how I started the decade vs how I’m leaving it. It does get better.”

2. “5 years, a lot of hormones and surgery later — now, I’m thriving.”

3. “People said I’d never be able to transition. I proved them wrong.”

4. “14 months on estrogen!”

5. “This change erased the sadness from my eyes and has brought me so much closer to who I was meant to be.”

6. “8 years of figuring myself out”

7. “Sometime in 2016 to last week”

8. “A year between each picture”

9. “Exactly 2 years between the photos — I feel so amazing.”

10. “I’m getting a top surgery tomorrow!”

11. “20 years old to 30 years old — I’d call it an improvement.”

12. “Less eyeliner and damaged hair and a lot happier!”

13. “Who knew that beautiful curly hair was hiding my whole life?!”

14. “Officially 3 years on hormones and just look at the change!”

15. “5 years ago — today vs now”

16. “2 years gone or a life gained?”

17. “A 5-year difference”

18. “From a bearded depressed guy to a much happier girl who likes cosplay”

19. “Still not sure how that used to be me.”

20. “My fiancée and I, 2016 vs 2020”

Do you want to change anything about yourself?

Preview photo credit jamieryandee / Reddit